City Dude – Get Pretty or Die Trying

Earlier this week, I had occasion to get home early. Instead of doing the usual turning on the TV, I decided to listen to radio.

That is when I heard this girl whining about a bad experience she had. Mbu she lost a job offer to another girl who was prettier. She went on and on until she got to her real point the company wanted a front desk manager, also called receptionist. Of course it is important for the person in that position to be beautiful.

You may say beauty is subjective or lies in the eyes of the beholder – or beer-holder – but we all know a good thing when we see one. Perhaps the ladies need to understand that when life became about survival for the fittest it also meant survival for the cutest on their side of the fence.

The boys decided to work day and night to afford a decent life in order to bed the hottest kyanas, not the average ones. Others go to the extent of borrowing rides just to impress. Heard of the life of ‘Get rich or die trying’? The same should be applied to the chicks get pretty or die trying – or get pretty or try dying. Why, you may ask.

No man is hustling with a plan of settling with a basic chick. Any dude worth his weight in awesomeness will go for that belle that turns heads. I mean, who wants some girl nobody else wants? Atte do not start that crap mbu all that matters is what is on the inside. Sis, before a brother gets to hear, know and feel what is on the inside, he has to be pulled towards you by what is on the outside.

Dudes, now you understand why the babes get pissed when you do not appreciate their efforts. She spends dime on hair off dead Brazilian women, spends an hour doing her make-up, changes clothes several times and when she finally steps out, you just say, “She is here-finally,” sigh, and start the car. Really?

Where are your manners, brother? At least you feign a smile and go like, “Wow!” or “OMG!” even if you do not like the animal print outfit. She will blush and when you later tell her that you worried her boob may fall out of the cleavage-hugging bra, she will forget it soon, but will remember your reaction as she stepped out of the house.

It is her way of fighting for survival. These are the same guys who complain that the women do not appreciate when they are given money. You did not respect her hustle with the make-up do not expect her to respect your get-rich or die-trying hustle.

As a parting shot, dear ladies, do your best to look good and attractive. Be like the magnets pulling the dudes towards you. Wear a miniskirt show some cleavage and some leg, plus anything else your mama gave you. I am not saying be slutty, but if it works for you, go for it. Fix the attitude. Whatever you do, get pretty or die trying.

Source : The Observer


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