Church to fundraise for martyrs museum


The Anglican Church will host a special service to fundraise for the construction of the Uganda Martyrs site at Namugongo, Wakiso District into a museum that would preserve artistic and cultural to attract tourists.
The Archbishop of the Church of Uganda, Stanley Ntagali, said the service slated for October 5 will be presided over by President Museveni who will lay the foundation stone on the museum’s site.
“We warmly welcome you and all Ugandans to this special service. We request all Christians and well-wishers to come prepared to make a contribution toward the construction of the Museum,” he said.
He made the remarks while addressing journalists on updates about the ongoing construction and development of the Church of Uganda Martyrs Museum.

The museum, which is estimated to cost Shs36b, will comprise of the core site which would house the command post of the chief executioner, Mukajanga, the prison, the firewood spot, Ndazabazzadde torture tree, the burning spot and the martyrs memorial church where the remains of the martyrs were interred.
Other developments in offing would include the Museum tower, recreation park, the martyrs spring well, staff houses, a perimeter wall and sanitation facilities to cater for pilgrims who attend the Martyrs Day on June 3 of every year.

SOURCE: Daily Monitor

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