Christmas decorating

This time of the year always fills me with nostalgia. There was a time in my life when the thought of decorating for Christmas got us so excited it was enough to drive our parents crazy!

The important question was when daddy was going to buy the Christmas tree so we could get this show on the road.

For those who had the shrub growing around the home as a hedge, they would simply select and chop. First, we would strategically place the cotton wool balls all over the tree to represent snow.

Then we rolled out the coloured toilet paper which we would have cut holes into to create some kind of design. Apart from swinging it across the tree, it would also be run from one point to another across the living room ceiling, canopy style, balloons, lights and a few sweets on the tree and voila!

While most peopl begin to decorate their homes or rather acknowledge the season in December itself, if possible two weeks before Christmas, those who live abroad start in October.

Some of the stores are rewarding their customers with sales on the other hand, our shops are increasing the prices to maximise on profits. Whatever the case, is in order.

Here is the thing, I have made the decision to custom-make most of the Christmas decorations this year with my children, as a way of personalising this season. We are focusing on beads, tinsel and bubbles. A big pack of beads can be bought at about Shs15,000 while a string of faux pearls will range between Shs3,000-5,000, a pack of string (fishnet) goes for Shs2,000.

You can string 12 faux pearls and join both ends to form a circular shape, tie a knot and leave a hoop on which to loop onto a branch. Alternatively, you may let the string hang vertically. Make a number of these pieces together with a long string of pearls that you will wrap around the tree.

Plan B would be to collect a bunch of old CDs Ds, use a hot needle to punch a hole in which to tie a string. Spray paint each CD in either gold or silver and hang!

This is one of the ways you can spend quality time with the family this holiday. Happy festivities!

Other additions

Create a wreath with a collection of multicoloured flowers.

Wrap colourful bows around your dinning room chairs.

Have a chocolate jar below the Christmas tree.



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