Census Was a Success, Says Ubos

The 2014 population and housing census was due to end on yesterday evening, with officials describing it a success.

According to the Uganda Bureau of Statistics Executive Director Ben Paul Mungyereza, despite some challenges, most Ugandans were prepared for the census.

“It [census] went very well. Ugandans were very ready for it except Kampala, where enumerators would reach a house, knock and knock but no one would open,” Mungyereza told The Observer by telephone on Saturday.

Initially planned to end on Saturday, the census had to be extended by a day, owing to heavy rains across the country. Mungyereza said the extension was meant to ensure that everyone was counted.

“The reports I am getting [are] that we are finishing on Sunday. It’s a day when almost everyone is at home,” Mungyereza said.

By last Thursday almost 90 per cent of households had been covered by the more than 80,000 enumerators, officials said.

“Kampala was a special case. There are challenges but we dealt with them as they came,” Mungyereza said.


Mungyereza said that besides the rain, enumerators encountered such challenges as border conflicts between Uganda and South Sundan. He cited Moyo district, where some enumerators were arrested by South Sudanese police. He also said that in Kampala, there were more households than had been anticipated, which, in a way, strained the enumerators.

“Someone we thought would count about 200 households in Kampala, counted between 400 and 500,” Mungyereza said.

He also heaped blame on some elites for thinking that census was just a waste of time. They thought it was of no use for them, he said. Those arrested for opposing the census had been enumerated. On complaints that some enumerators had not been paid, he said it was just a case of delays at the district. He said that all the money had been sent and people should be paid.

“At the end of this exercise, everyone will be paid and they will go home happy.”

The national census started on August 28 and ended on September 7.

Source : The Observer

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