Tehran Unveils Western Art Masterpieces Hidden for Decades

Some of the world’s most prized works of contemporary Western art have been unveiled for the first time in decades — in Tehran.Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi, a hard-line cleric, rails against the influence of the West. Authorities have lashed out at …

Commentary: In Kenya, cautious optimism for the country’s presidential election

Published by Chicago Tribune Kenyans went to the polls on Tuesday to vote in a highly anticipated presidential election, as well as dozens of contests for governors, senators, and other positions across the country. The outcome won’t just matter to Kenyans either. The fraught East African region looks to Kenya as a source of stability, […]

What Killed Tons of Fish in a European River? No Answer Yet

Laboratory tests following a mass die-off of fish in the Oder River detected high levels of salinity but no mercury poisoning its waters, Poland’s environment minister said Saturday as the mystery continued as to what killed tons of fish in Central Eur…

Idaho Top Court Allows Near-Total Abortion Ban to Take Effect

Idaho’s top court on Friday refused to stop a Republican-backed state law criminalizing nearly all abortions from taking effect after the U.S. Supreme Court overturned the 1973 decision Roe v. Wade that had recognized a constitutional right to the proc…


The Deputy Inspector General of Police Maj. Gen Tumusiime Katsigazi has today 12th/8/2022 made a working visit to the Directorate of Interpol &IR. This is part of the familiarization visits he has been making to different Directorates /Units of the Uganda Police Force. He was welcomed by the Ag. Director Interpol & IR SCP Obwona […]

Hot Nights: US in July Sets New Record for Overnight Warmth

Talk about hot nights. America got some for the history books last month. The continental United States in July set a record for overnight warmth, providing little relief from the day’s sizzling heat for people, animals, plants and the electric grid, meteorologists said. The average low temperature for the Lower 48 states in July was […]

Congress OKs Democrats’ Climate, Tax, Health Bill, a Biden Triumph

A divided Congress gave final approval Friday to Democrats’ flagship climate, tax and health care bill, handing President Joe Biden a back-from-the-dead triumph on coveted priorities that the party hopes will bolster its prospects for keeping control of Congress in November’s elections. The House used a party-line 220-207 vote to pass the legislation, which is […]

How anti-black racism pervades Europe’s asylum systems

Published by Al-Araby On 29 June 2022, 30 people crossed the Aegean Sea on a rubber dinghy, hoping to reach the Greek island of Chios. Thankfully, they arrived without capsizing – and immediately the majority went into hiding, afraid they would be pushed back to Turkey. They resurfaced three days later, after the Greek authorities […]