Cannabis and khat ban overturned in Uganda

A law that criminalised drugs and narcotics, such as marijuana and khat, has been nullified by Uganda’s constitutional court.

It follows a challenge started six years ago by a group of khat farmers in response to the 2015 law. This has now been repealed in its entirety after the court ruled that it had been passed without the required quorum in parliament.

For any law to be debated and passed in the Ugandan parliament, at least one-third of all members entitled to vote must be present in the house.

Even though the law has been struck down, there is however still a risk of arrest for growing, possession, consumption, or sale of banned or restricted drugs under other Ugandan laws.

In Uganda, security forces often raid and burn down or uproot cannabis and khat farms on private land.

The sale and consumption of the herbs for recreational purposes is also illegal, and the police often arrest people for their possession.

Across Africa, countries have been making moves towards the legalisation of commercial growing and export medical of marijuana.

Source: BBC