CAN U17: “we are ready to seek victory in front of Nigeria” coach of the Cadet Stallions

Cadet Stallion coach Brahima Traoré said Wednesday in Algiers (Algeria) that his team is ready for victory tomorrow against the Nigerian cadets they face in the quarter-finals of the CAN U17 at the Nelson Mandela stadium in Algiers, announced the Burkinabè Football Federation.

"We are ready to go for the victory in front of Nigeria", declared the coach of the Etalons cadets Brahima Traoré, confident against the young Super Eagles of Nigeria.

It will be the remake of the UFOA-B final last June between the two teams and for the Burkinabe technician, “we are going to approach this match with serenity. We put in the minds of the children that this is a game to be won. The first objective that we have set ourselves is ahead of us, that is to say to reach the stage of the 1/4 finals, synonymous with qualification for the World Cup. To take this step, you have to beat Nigeria,” said Cadet Stallion coach Brahima Traoré.

He continues that “the children are aware of this and they have made a promise to the people of Burkina Faso. Only combativeness and self-sacrifice can help us achieve the desired result”.

The message from the Burkinabè technician is therefore clear to his players: “be serious throughout the match, avoid the mistakes made in front of Mali and Cameroon. We are aware that there are too many losses of balls, we are fishing at the level of the finish”.

The mentor of the Burkinabè team mentions that “even if we scored 2 goals against Cameroon, it should also be remembered that we missed a lot of scoring chances. The best plan will be to score the first goal to avoid running behind the score all the time”.

He promises adjustments and a frank speech in front of the children before the meeting. After this stage, all teams qualified for the semi-finals will obtain their ticket for the World Cup. The Burkina Faso v Nigeria match is scheduled to be played tomorrow, May 11 at 7 p.m. GMT.

Source: Burkina Information Agency