Cabinet yet to approve Judiciary law, says Attorney General


Kampala: The proposed law that seeks to promote the independence of the Judiciary is pending approval by Cabinet, Attorney General Peter Nyombi has said.

Mr Nyombi said the Administration of Justice Bill was deferred briefly to consider certain provisions that were suspected to be in contravention of the Constitution. “Government is committed to ensure that there is legal and institutional framework for the growth of the culture of the rule of law,” Mr Nyombi said at the opening of the law year in Kampala last week.

In 2011, the Judiciary proposed the Bill to ensure that it manages all its affairs, including but not limited to the recruitment, supervision and disciplining of staff.


The government chief legal adviser commended the Judiciary for reducing case backlog and the efficacy at which judges handled and disposed of election petitions arising out of the 2011 general elections. “This success heavily taxed the meagre resources at the AG’s chambers,” Mr Nyombi said. He decried the manner in which the government is treated in regard to award of costs despite the directions under the laws requiring for costs to government like any other private litigant.

“Government has been treated less favourably than private parties when costs are awarded. I respectfully submit that your lordships look into this issue,” Mr Nyombi said. Acting Chief Justice Steven Kavuma said the increasing case load was due to population growth and increase in crime rate.

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