As witnessed across several parts of the country, the Joint Security Agencies continue to provide protective cover to Ugandans and visitors who left their homes to go to work, travel, take children to school and other normal daily activities without fear. We do thank them for ignoring the scare tactics and politics of fear, being employed by individuals and political groups. For those that are still skeptic and still in their homes, we urge them to ignore the overblown rhetoric

As a country, fear can mislead us, and that is precisely why politicians use it abundantly in their rhetoric. They jump on every sensitive topic, not with constructive efforts but fear mongering. For those who continue to use fear mongering to advance their political agendas or incite supporters. They should know that it tantamount to incitement to violence and other related offences. Most of them are using social media for fear mongering and holding secret meetings for physical violence. For instance, in the Kawempe division, politicians used the stay-at-home protests to mobilize their agents and operatives. These include Ssenono Denis aka Dencity, a counsellor, Kawesa Andrew, a councilor, Nyanzi Fred Ssentamu, Emmnauel Sserunjoni, Mayor Kawempe Division, Mohmmad Nsubuga, Councilor. Others include; Bagonza Thomas, a councilor, Kemigisha Sharon, a councilor, they created several flash points in Bwaise, Kaleirwe, Mpererwe and Kutano trading center, where they were blocking people from going to work. Another hotspot was created at Nakulabye junction, Elliot bar, Kasubi traffic lights, Munaku Trading Centre, Nataliya and Masanafu, Rubaga Road, Mussajjalumbwa, Mwanga 2 road, New Taxi Park, Veterans Market and Lungujja zone.

In Bulenga, the Kunga ring leaders were identified as Mutebi John and Katumba Moses LC1 chairperson Bulenga Kikaya A. They planned on instigating riots at Wakiso Kayunga junction, Bulenga-Kikaya, Bulenga- Musoke road, Kireka Bbira, Kisamura Trading Centre, Buloba, Forest Park boda stage, wakiso Namusera among others. Their plans were aimed at blocking roads leading to the city center with logs, stones, tyres etc.

We want to use this opportunity to caution the public to avoid being manipulated through fear. When dealing with political and social issues, we need to reflect and assess our options rationally, rather than succumbing to impulsive reactions.For instance, none of the individuals and political groups have come up with credible solutions to the surge in commodity and fuel prices. Instead, they want to use fear to paralyze people’s ability to reason and lead them into a vicious and potentially violent cycle.

We have also noticed that some media houses and reporters are feeding into these conspiracies of fearmongering. The arguments they give are baseless, for the sake of appeasing a certain audience. We urge them to cover evidence-based news, instead of promoting unnecessary fear in the public. They are meant to inform and assist the greater good.

Source: Uganda Police Force

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