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Burkina: The Koudougou Workers' Health Office exchanges with its decentralized services on the annual medical visit - Uganda Newswire

Burkina: The Koudougou Workers’ Health Office exchanges with its decentralized services on the annual medical visit

The Koudougou Workers' Health Office discussed on Thursday, May 4, 2023 in the city of the "red rider" with the heads of the decentralized State services on the annual medical visit for better management. responsible for professional risks.

Monitoring the health of workers is one of the main prevention activities of the Workers' Health Office (OST).

This activity is crucial in the sense that it not only makes it possible to assess the worker's aptitude for his workstation, but also to prevent him and direct him to take charge of the occupational risks identified.

This discussion meeting was chaired by the Secretary General of the Center-West region, Séverin Somé.

However, it is clear that many difficulties are encountered in its practical organization. Evidenced by the results of 2022 with a low participation rate of 17.88%.

It is with a view to improving this low rate through good organization and a better understanding of the annual medical examination of public sector workers that the regional management of the Koudougou OST initiated this information meeting with the heads of decentralized State services in the Center-West region.

The discussions focused on the legislative and regulatory texts, in terms of monitoring the health of public workers, the results of the 2022 medical visit and the management of occupational risks by the autonomous pension fund for civil servants (CARFO) .

The communications were respectively presented by the regional director of the Civil Service, Aminata Ouedraogo, the head of the statistics, planning and training department of the OST, Michel Komi, and the representative of the general management of CARFO, Henri Antoine Ouangrawa.

The participants, at the end of the exchanges, made some recommendations to improve the organization of the annual medical visit, which are among other things, the endowment of the OST by the State with substantial human and financial resources.

They also asked for the reinforcement of the OST vehicle fleet and optimal communication for better visibility of the OST and its services.

Source: Burkina Information Agency

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