Burkina: The KIFIFE festival wants to instill a passion for cinema in children, Director

The 4th edition of the KIFIFE festival, scheduled for June 20 to 24, 2023 at the Ziniaré opera village, aims to instill a passion for cinema in children, said Thursday, the director and programmer of the event, Laurentine Bayala.

"The KIFIFE festival is a festival dedicated to children because most of the programming is focused on films for children," said the director and programmer of the cultural event, Laurentine Bayala.

According to her, we must work to instill the desire to consume cinema in children and prepare the next generation, since Burkina Faso is a country of cinema.

Laurentine Bayala was speaking Thursday in Ziniaré, a locality located 35km from Ouagadougou, on the occasion of the announcement of the 4th edition of the KIFIFE festival.

Ms. Bayala announced that 18 films (animations, fictions, documentaries) are on the program.

According to her, the holding of the festival will give the opportunity to the pupils of the Village Opéra as well as of the surrounding schools, to train in fields related to the cinema.

Laurentine Bayala specified that in addition to the screenings, three training sessions will be provided, namely training in image, video and acting.

“The Pocket Film, animated by the director-editor Ismaël Tall and the techniques of painting and 2D animation by the painter Fidèle Kabré” are on the program, she added.

The director of the village opera school and supervisor of arts classes, Ouédraogo Abdoulaye, suggested that the importance of this festival is to bring the child to know the profession of cinema because even if he will not be director, he will be a good cinephile.

He indicated that the film screenings are not dedicated only to children because there will also be screenings at different sites in the surrounding villages (Laongo, Pousgziga, Tamissi) and in the town of Ziniaré.

Mr. Ouédraogo called on the directors of the films to review the content of their productions and also invited the authorities to think about programs for children.

The Opera Village is a project that was born in October 2011 under the will of the German film director, the late Christoph Schlingensief who wanted to install in Africa, an artificial village where there would be many elements of nature.

In 2023, the school in the village of Opéra has 163 students. The teaching includes 80% classical lessons and 20% artistic lessons.

Source: Burkina Information Agency