Burkina/Solidarity: AFAPSAD offers food and equipment to internally displaced women in district 3 of Ouagadougou

The Association of Women in Action for Peace, Health and Development (AFAPSAD) on Thursday in Ouagadougou handed over food and various materials to internally displaced women living in district 3 of Ouagadougou, during a ceremony.

This women's association claims to respond to the Head of State's call to participate in the war effort and solidarity. For more than a month, AFAPSAD mobilized clothes, detergent, food and other basic necessities for these internally displaced persons.

According to the president of the Balguissa Barro/Soulama association, “it was with a smile that several women came with clothes and other materials to help relieve their sisters who are in need”.

For her, this is only "a first edition and we intend to continue in the same direction so as not to leave other IDPs on their thirst".

The beneficiaries thanked the donors for this gesture which will greatly contribute to meeting their needs.

“We thank our benefactors of the day. May God give them a long life so that they can continue to help all those people who are in distress, suggested one of the beneficiaries Alima Segueda.

The activity was sponsored by Abdoulaye Sourgou, an entrepreneur working in real estate. He made the commitment to always support the association in this sense but also to reflect on a more substantial support mechanism for these women, particularly towards sustainable jobs.

One of the co-sponsors, the former deputy of Soum, was delighted with the choice of the donation delivery area, Tampouy (northern district of Ouagadougou) which is full of a large proportion of internally displaced persons (IDPs) from its home province.

“It's a matter of humanism, my presence here. I will state my acceptance as patron of such a ceremony. This ceremony brings together IDPs who are in pain. They are brothers and sisters because we are from the same country and all we can do is accompany them as long as God gives us the means”, he mentioned.

AFAPSAD calls on all people of goodwill to follow in their footsteps

Source: Burkina Information Agency


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