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Burkina: Muslims seek Allah's help to defeat terrorism - Uganda Newswire

Burkina: Muslims seek Allah’s help to defeat terrorism

The Federation of Islamic Associations of Burkina (FAIB) within the framework of the national day of fasting and prayer for peace and social cohesion, implored the mercy of Allah to overcome terrorism that has affected Burkina Faso for seven years.

"We make prayers to ask Allah to help us so that the sons and daughters of this country can forgive each other, understand each other and speak the same language so that peace returns to Burkina Faso", urged the president of the Community Muslim from Burkina (CMBF), El Hadj Moussa Kouanda.

According to Mr. Kouanda, it is sad and even incredible to see the sons and daughters of the country who have taken up arms against their own Nation.

In his opinion, the country is going through a difficult period in its history and the Burkinabè want to implore Allah for stability and to recover the integrity of the national territory.

El Hadj Moussa Kouanda spoke Saturday at the great mosque of Ouagadougou, during a day of fasting and prayers for the return of peace.

The military chaplain, Imam Boukary Compaoré, believes that there is no strength and power except by Allah, the Unique and the Omnipotent while asking for his help to counter the terrorists in Burkina.

El Hadj Compaoré noted that it is high time for the sons and daughters of the country to unite around a single vision which is the fight against "the Forces of Evil" to bequeath to future generations, a country of peace. .

The military chaplain advocated the rejection of lies, bad morals and to fight against ignorance among the youth in particular.

“O Allah, criminal terrorists have exalted themselves in their cunning, deceit, stubbornness, gathering and pride. O Allah turn their traps and their schemes against them,” he said.

Since 2015, Burkina Faso has been plagued by terrorist attacks that have killed hundreds, displaced more than 2 million people and caused the closure of many schools and health establishments.

"It is not only by arms that we can win this war but by fasting and prayers", affirmed the Minister of State, the Minister of National Defense and Veterans, Colonel-Major Kassoum Coulibaly.

According to him, the government has accepted a request from the people for a day of fasting and prayers for all religious denominations for a return to peace in Burkina.

According to him, each Burkinabè must wonder about what he must do to participate in the fight against terrorism.

"We express our satisfaction, our gratitude and thank all the brothers and sisters for this day of fasting and prayers for the return of peace in our country", he continued.

Source: Burkina Information Agency

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