Burkina: More than 5 million tonnes of cereals expected for the 2023-2024 agricultural campaign

The Ministry in charge of Agriculture, announced yesterday Friday, to expect around 5 million 308 thousand 825 tons of cereals for the 2023-2024 agricultural campaign.

According to the Minister in charge of Agriculture, Dénis Ouédraogo, a production of around 5 million 308 thousand 825 tonnes of cereals is expected for the 2023-2024 wet agricultural campaign.

A production of 1 million 815 thousand 970 tons of cash crops and a production of 1 million 074 thousand 647 tons of other food crops are also expected.

He also specified that 32 thousand ha of area will be covered by agricultural insurance.

“Achieving these objectives will make it possible to achieve a coverage rate of cereal needs of about 120%,” he added.

The minister was speaking yesterday Friday in Kongtenga, a locality about 25 km south of Ouagadougou, in the rural town of Saponé, during the ceremony to officially launch the wet agricultural campaign, subscription to agricultural insurance 2023 -2024 and compensation for victims of the previous campaign.

The 2023/2024 wet agricultural campaign is placed under the theme: "Increase in agricultural productivity in Burkina Faso: what strategies for the sustainable supply of agricultural, zootechnical and veterinary inputs?".

According to him, agricultural inputs and equipment will be given to producers in this current agricultural campaign to enable them to improve their yields.

Minister Ouédraogo noted that despite budgetary constraints, the State with the support of its development partners will make available to producers inputs and agricultural equipment at subsidized prices, in all the thirteen regions of the country.

These include, among others, he said, 21 thousand 666 tons of fertilizer, 5 thousand 277 tons of agricultural seeds, 305 units of agricultural mechanization, ten thousand liters of phytosanitary products.

According to him, the government will also continue efforts to facilitate actors' access to financing, control of the volatility of agro-pastoral products and agricultural risk management.

According to him, about 3,998.84 tons of seeds of improved varieties, 30,772.9 tons of mineral fertilizers, 2,014 units of animal traction equipment, 2,476.1 ha of new lowlands developed, 335.5 ha perimeters irrigated were made available to producers in the previous campaign.

For Dénis Ouédraogo, this support to the rural world has made it possible to produce 5,179,059 tons of cereals, an increase of 11% over the past campaign.

He pointed out that 3 million 650 thousand 334 cattle will also be vaccinated against contagious bovine pleuropneumonia, 5 million 874 802 small ruminants against peste des petits ruminants and 27 million 532 thousand 988 poultry against Newcastle disease for the previous crop year.

In this current agricultural campaign, producers and productive are invited to be insured with Yeleen insurance and SONAR IARD for any inconvenience in the event of disasters and drought.

According to him, 889 agricultural producers damaged in the past campaign will receive compensation checks, with a total value of 15 million 444 thousand 872 CFA francs.

Source: Burkina Information Agency