Burkina / Ligue 1: AS Douanes one point from the title

The Gabelous of AS Douanes, solid leaders of Ligue 1, took a giant step towards the title by beating Sunday evening at the municipal stadium Issoufou Joseph Conombo of Ouagadougou, his direct pursuer, Salitas FC by 2 goals to 1 and widening a gap of 6 points with their challenger, two days before the end of the championship.

It was the match at the top of the Burkinabè Ligue 1 where nearly 5,000 supporters made the trip to the Issoufou Joseph Conombo stadium. Kamou Malo and his foals have assured. They met in a high-end derby, the Colombes de Ouaga 2000 decided to compete for the title until the end with the Gabelous.

It was Salitas FC who proved to be dangerous at the start of the game. But the tactical organization of AS Douanes is in place. Faced with the vivacity of Salif Bagaté, the Gabelous defense gives way after the quarter of an hour of play. The Ivorian striker scores his 15th goal of the season.

The reaction of AS Douanes will take time to react, as the Doves had more desire. It was after the break that the situation changed. In this derby of the capital, there was a fratricidal duel between the co-top scorers Batiébo and Bagaté, especially since the second city had just scored its 15th goal .

The Great Customs Offensive

The AS Douanes machine was really going to kick in on the restart, Salitas having slowed down. The Colombes metronome, Ali Vital Ouédraogo is not having a good day. He is confused. The mastery of the game escapes him, the free kicks also.

Salitas' three-man defense will cost him dearly in the last 15 minutes, especially with the multiple assaults from Ibeh Mickel and Clément Pitroipa on the sides. Salitas is physically short. Its environment is caught up in the awakening of Customs. Michel Batiébo will overflow on the right side to ideally serve AS Customs Nigerian striker Ibeh Mickaël for the equalizer (56 ' ).

Salitas protests vigorously claiming that the ball went out before the center of Batiébo. The referees remained on their position and validated the goal. Salitas goalkeeper coach Congolese Banzonzi Jacques alias Malembé is expelled. Fear has changed sides.

AS Douanes has control of the match. The many substitutions for Les Colombes did not prevent Clément Pitroipa from delivering the match point to Michel Batiébo for the winning goal (64 ' ). He joins Bagaté at the head of the top scorers. Mass has been said.

Colonel Yacouba Ouédraogo's men capitulated and AS Douanes savored their victory and especially their approach to the title. Coach Kamou is carried in triumph by his players to salute the mobilization of the Customs school to support his people.

The 4,592 spectators who moved from the municipal stadium invade the lawn. The journalists' interviews took place in the changing rooms. The president of AS Douanes Ali Guissou promises a special bonus of 2 million without forgetting the match bonus. It's party time for the players.

AS Douanes will still have to remain vigilant on the two remaining matches, if they want to taste the delights of champion of the season.

All the results of the 28th day

USFA – ASEC-K: 1-0

Speed FC – Majestic: 3-1

AS Police – AS SONABEL: 1-2

EFO – BCR: 1-1

RCK – Rahimo FC: 0-2

Royal – Real du Faso: 0-1

ASFB – ASFA-Y: 1-1

AS Customs – Salitas FC: 2-1

Ranking at the end of the 28th day

1st : AS Customs: 61 pts +27

2: Salitas FC: 55 points +16

3 rd : Speed HR: 50 pts +12

4th : Rahimo FC: 45 pts +8

5th : BCR: 44 pts +12

6th : Majestic SC: 36 pts+ 8

7th : RCK: 36 pts – 5

8th: USFA: 35 pts – 1

9th: ASFB: 34 pts – 4

10th: AS SONABEL: 34 pts – 6

11th: ASEC-K: 33 pts – 14

12th: ASFA-Y: 32 pts – 3

13th: Royal FC: 30 pts – 4

14th : EFO: 30 pts – 7

15th : Real du Faso: 27 pts – 7

16th : AS Police : 9 pts – 32

Source: Burkina Information Agency