Burkina: Governor Sorgho considers the terms used by certain partners to designate terrorists unacceptable

The governor of the Sahel region, Lieutenant-Colonel Rodolphe Sorgho, has deemed the use of the terms "Non-State Armed Groups (NSAG) or Organized Armed Groups (GAO)" unacceptable. to designate the "Terrorist Armed Groups (GAT)" or "Unidentified Armed Groups (GANI)", according to a statement received Friday at the AIB.

Burkina Information Agency

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“Technical and financial partners of the United Nations system would use inappropriate and unacceptable terms to refer to the terrorists we are all fighting.

These terms seem to be used purposely behind hidden agendas whose scope we do not know.

This is the case of the terminology Non-State Armed Groups (NSAG) or Organized Armed Groups (GAO).

I hereby invite any Regional Director and equivalent to denounce and reject the use of these terms contained in correspondence to be sent to you or during meetings with said partners.

The appropriate terms accepted by our government are as follows: -Terrorist Armed Groups (GAT); -Unidentified Armed Groups (GANI).

Knowing how to count on each of you to triumph over terrorism, let us distinguish ourselves from partners who have hidden agendas. »

The Governor of the Sahel region, Lieutenant-Colonel Rodolphe Sorgho, Dori May 16, 2023.

Source: Burkina Information Agency


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