Burkina: Government welcomes the release of Dr Elliot

The Burkinabè government on Saturday welcomed the release of Australian doctor Dr Kenneth Elliot, kidnapped seven years ago in northern Burkina Faso by terrorists. He saluted the 40 years of sacrifices made by the doctor for the benefit of the populations and sympathized with the suffering endured by his family and loved ones.

“The Government of Burkina Faso is delighted with the release of Doctor Kenneth ELLIOTT kidnapped on January 15, 2016 in Djibo, Soum province, Sahel region.

An 88-year-old doctor, the man devoted more than 4 decades of his life to the health and social care of the populations of the region before being the innocent victim of a cowardly and inhuman kidnapping perpetrated by enlightened people who n had no hesitation in also taking his wife hostage.

The Government salutes the resilience of Doctor ELLIOTT who courageously went through more than 7 years of captivity.

He is sensitive to the suffering endured by the victim and his wife, their children and all their loved ones.

The Government remains determined to lead the fight against terrorism and barbarism in Burkina Faso so that in this land of freedom, integrity and dignity, security and lasting peace will be established forever for all the inhabitants of our country. carriers of the same values of humanism, solidarity and fraternity which govern the life of Doctor Kenneth ELLIOTT.

Source: Burkina Information Agency