Burkina: 4 billion FCFA to rehabilitate the largest high school in the country

The Burkinabè government announced on Wednesday that 4 billion FCFA have been registered under the 2023 budget, for the start of work on the Phillipe Zinda Kaboré high school, the largest in the country, currently closed.

“The process of rehabilitating emblematic establishments started with the Philippe Zinda Kaboré high school where architectural and technical studies were carried out and a budget entry of 4,000,000,000 CFA francs made for the year 2023 for the start of works” , we read in the report of the council of ministers on Wednesday.

As a reminder, the government closed in May 2021, said high school of around 4,000 students in 75 classrooms, after acts of vandalism. He had also announced his intention to transform it into a science high school.

According to the report of the Council of Ministers of Wednesday May 3, 2023, 54 post-primary and secondary education establishments require rehabilitation.

However, "the department in charge of national education has prioritized 18 large high schools to be rehabilitated on the basis of well-defined criteria, in particular age, history and the state of degradation of infrastructure", adds the source. .

For the Burkinabè government, the state of disrepair of certain buildings constitutes an emergency situation, the non-resolution of which could cause tragedies.

Source: Burkina Information Agency