Bukenya win gives hope to children

Kampala- National amateur welterweight champion Nasser Bukenya scored a unanimous decision victory against Belgian Pascal Bogart at Zana Sports Ground on Sunday but the bigger victory belonged to the children for whom proceeds will buy scholastic equipment.

The friendly bout, dubbed “Fight for Education”, a charity event where children from various clubs International School of Uganda and elite fighters from UPDF and Nasser’s Junior Boxing Academy, showcased thrilling boxing talent in several age categories.
“Positive causes like today’s mean a lot to children’s lives,” Jolanda van Wijk, the lead organiser said. “We want to give them a positive experience today and enable them to go to school. Your donation is very welcome together, we can give these children education.”

This is not a one-off. Jolanda says this is one of the ways to help Bukenya pursue his personal boxing dream, as well uphold the cause of helping nurture children from his area through boxing— a cause he begun in 2010.

After interactions with Zana residents, Jolanda is partnering with Bukenya, to establish a social development project to empower families to cater for their basic needs by developing role models among them.

She explains, “We do not want them to look at us as donors,well, we shall give the little we have, but most importantly, we want to equip them with skills and instil self-confidence, show them a way where they see obstacles and (Bukenya) Nasser’s project is a good example.”