Buffet out of this world

These are not your ordinary hoi polloi but the moneyed class of Ugandans who will not think twice before jumping into their fancy motorcars and making a foray over to Hajat’s place. Like it or not she has to be doing something right.

Late last month, when KCCA savagely went about enforcing the law on encroachment of verandas in commercial properties, nothing could have been a better wake up call for Hajat Safina Kinene over at the iconic 2K Restaurant. Bearing in mind that the condemned space constituted a fair portion of seating for her clients, it may as well have been an eviction notice.

For the last five years Hajat and family had seen the writing on the wall, and borrowing a leaf from one of my late father’s saying, ‘when you rent premises at the end of the month all that you have to show are receipts from the landlord’ decided that the long term solution would be to own their own property. By some good luck they discovered a vacant property within walking distance and decided to buy and build.

When Greenland Bank began operating, she secured an exclusive tender to serve meals to members of staff. She did this successfully until its collapse in 1999. She decided upon moving to nearby Bakuli conveniently located from the city. And to date, her clients drive from all over town to eat her food.

The year was 2000 (thus the name 2K) and starting out with one room, over the past 14 years they have expanded to occupy at least four adjacent rooms and they could no longer expand.

Having secured the land and taking aantage of the nascent condominium law, the family agreed to divvy up the building with a couple of her children owning 50 per cent while she and another son own the strategic ground and mezzanine floor where the new restaurant is situated.

To their credit, for the past five years they were using the time honoured maxim, ‘take care of the pennies and the pounds will take care of themselves’. 2K have moved into a very modern and custom built for their purposes truly befitting them and the patrons. KCCA’s notice merely hastened their move since they were planning to move later.

The new building is in spitting distance from the old 2K and has the aantage of being on the same street and the dining area is huge. They have given the place cross ventilation which ensures maximum comfort.

The food is predictably good and the service is efficient.

If you go
Our Rating: Not to be missed
The place: 2 K Restaurant
Address: Bukessa Hoima Road plumb opposite L’ Ambience and in spitting distance from the original 2K five to 10 minutes walking distance.
The space: A brand new multi storeyed building with an area that can accommodate at least 400
The crowd: Ugandans from all walks of life but especially those who have arrived and enjoy first class local food served in a classy joint.
The menu: All manner of local food including luwombo, fresh Semutundu, boiled tilapia and boiled beef stew.

Beverages: Omubisi (banana juice), passion fruit juice, soda and mineral water
Recommended dishes: The boiled tilapia stew for one or mpombos
The damage: A meal for two with a soft drink is around Shs 40,000
Sound level: Good
Parking: Available
Smoke free zone: Definitely not allowed
If you go: They are open every day including public holidays and close late
RATINGS: These are purely the reviewer’s personal reaction to food, ambience and service factoring in price.

SOURCE: Daily Monitor

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