Breast feeding while working: How I managed

Work and breastfeeding. Many mothers who return to work abandon breastfeeding partially or completely because they do not have sufficient time, or a place to breastfeed, express and store their milk. Here is how some mothers manage to work and still offer their babies the best of gifts breast milk.

Mothers need a safe, clean and private place in or near their workplace to continue breastfeeding. Enabling conditions at work, such as paid maternity leave, part-time work arrangements, facilities for expressing and storing breast milk, and breastfeeding breaks, can help. But these are largely not available to most women so they improvise.

My breast feeding wasn’t smooth for both babies. First of all I had low quantities of breastmilk. I had no choice but supplement it so as to satisfy the baby. This made matters worse when I resumed work. I would get home and the three months baby was very full with formula and ready for bed. Slowly even the little breast milk I had dried up and that was the end of our breast feeding. The second baby breastfed up to six month. Although it was never exclusive bread feeding for us, I found the idea of pumping a little awful. This coupled with the fact that my milk quantity was low and the owner showed no interest, made it even harder for me. But it is also hard to stay away from baby for over 10 hours and expect them to yearn for the breast on return especially if the formula is tastier than breastmilk.
Faridah Nakazibwe, News Anchor

I did not use breast pumps like it is with some working mothers but instead trained my son to fit into my work schedule. I would breast feed in the morning before heading for work and then in the night after work. With that, I stopped the maid from feeding him after 5pm.

Mariam Mayende, school administrator

My kind of work permits be with my baby all day through and with that, I am able to breast feed him anytime. I however pack milk that he feeds on most especially when I am busy because it might be a little hard to abandon a client unless when she (customer) permits me to.

Zakia Kiyemba, hair dresser

It is four years now since I retired from work to take care of my children but before, I would breastfeed the baby before leaving home. Then later in the morning about 10am ask the maid to bring her at work around 10am so that I could breastfeed again. I would then breast f feed for one and a half hours because she had to take her back till 3pm when I went home. So o breast fed in the evening and throughout the night.
Maxencia Nansasi, nurse

My baby is nine months now but I normally go with her at work. That has helped me breast feed at any time. However, although she breastfeeds, I still prepare milk or juice that I supplement with the breast milk. She feeds on juice at certain intervals and formula when she is too hungry.

Noor Idris, Business woman

My breast feeding is normally at night and in the morning before I leave for work. During the day my child is supplemented with formula, juice and Irish among others. I however asked the maid to stop feeding him beyond 8pm, the time I reach home.
Lydia Kayoyo, marketer

Being a business woman didn’t give me chance to carry my baby a long at that very tender age. I would however breast feed through the night, in the morning before I left home at 10am. By 1pm I would be leaving work after instructing my employees. Meaning I would only use two hours at work then rush back to breast the baby.
Mariam Ndagire, restaurant owner

My baby bottle feeds when I am away. So I only breast feed in the evening or at night after work. I however breast feed extensively over the weekends because I am with her. That is because I completely failed to pump just as some mothers do. I had to let her be supplemented with formula till the time I arrived home.

Ann Pamella Nantongo,


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