Boucle du Mouhoun: The NGO Save the children offers kits to relieve the suffering of displaced households

The NGO Save the children on Wednesday in Nouna handed over essential household items (AME kits) worth nearly 10 million FCFA to 197 internally displaced households in the Boucle du Mouhoun .

The province of Kossi and particularly the city of Nouna hosts many Internally Displaced Persons due to insecurity.

Faced with a lot of difficulties, the distress of these people was heard by the NGO Save the children and its partners who decided to make a contribution to relieve these people a little.

A total of 197 households have benefited from AME kits (Essential Household Items) with a total value of 9 million 884 thousand 199 FCFA.

The choice of these households was made thanks to the assistance of the Humanitarian Action service which remains a partner of the NGO Save the children, said Siriky Traoré, focal point of the NGO.

“We don't want to limit this contribution to that. With the support of our partners, we will be able to do better and more to relieve internally displaced people, especially children,” he said.

The High Commissioner of the province of Kossi, Dô Jacques Abel Sanou, president of the kit delivery ceremony, first thanked Save the children and its partners.

He then added that the composition of the kit will allow the beneficiaries to find themselves in a better situation as the rainy season approaches.

Each kit consists of two seven-litre aluminum cooking pots with lids, plates, cups, basins, canister, soaps, two-place mats, two-place blankets, three mosquito nets, 100kg bag kits, plastic tarpaulins, ropes, wooden spatulas, torches, three 1/2 piece loincloths.

On behalf of the beneficiaries Mamadou Dao, from the village of Dembo, expressed his gratitude to Save the Children for their invaluable support during this difficult time for the Internally Displaced Persons who have left everything behind.

The beneficiary villages are located in the communes of Doumbala, Nouna and Bourasso in the province of Kossi; in the communes of Sanaba and Solenzo in the province of Banwa and in the village of Oué in the province of Sourou.

Source: Burkina Information Agency

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