Borrow a leaf from the Vatican

Busoga has taken a big step forward. However, while a section of the kingdom is jubilating over the crowning of a new Kyabazinga, another is cursing the High Court in Jinja for refusing to issue an injunction stopping the coronation.

Both groups enjoy one culture which is built on the strength of clans where no infighting has been reported so far. This would surely be a strong basis for consensus on who should be Kyabazinga.

The Bagwere, Busoga’s neighbours, have a similar dilemma with two claimants to the throne of the Ikumbania, the cultural head of the Bagwere. Whereas there are 85 clans of the Bagwere, with no visible in-fights for the respective clan’s headship “Itabangi”, the cultural headship seems to be a thorn in the neck of the Bagwere yet to be removed.

To make matters worse, the warring parties both in Busoga and Bugwere are fronted by opposing political forces.

The Basoga, Bagwere and other communities that elect their cultural heads, should borrow a leaf from the Vatican where despite heated elections, the outcome is a Pope who is respected by the entire catholic community.

This can be achieved by refining the rules that govern the elections of the respective cultural heads and leaving politicians out of it. The result will be more unifying than divisive cultural institutions.

Paul Galandi,

SOURCE: Daily Monitor

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