Biraaro promises to set up anti-corruption college in Kidepo National Park


Presidential candidate Benon Biraaro has promised to end corruption by pledging to construct an anti-corruption institute in Kidepo National Park in Karamoja sub-region should he is elected president.

Holistic approach

Addressing a rally at Mityana Taxi Park in Mityana Town at the weekend, Biraaro said corruption is one of the major challenges the country is currently facing and for it to become history, he promises a holistic approach by constructing an institute to inculcate morals among Ugandans.

“If you just arrest someone because of corruption, he or she will be released soon, because all institutions are corrupt. The college I am planning to set up will help people learn why they shouldn’t engage in corruption,” he said.

In addition to the anti-corruption college, Biraaro said he also plans to build a meteorology school and a school of mineralogy.

He said he plans to enhance salaries of all civil servants, and will develop Uganda into a regional shopping hub for East and Central Africa.

Improving agriculture

Biraaro, who is standing on the ticket of Farmers Party of Uganda, repeated his call for more funding to the agriculture sector.

He noted that, Mityana District has not developed at all, compared tohow it was before the liberation war.

In 2012, the East African Bribery Index conducted by TI, Kenya, ranked Uganda as having the highest level of bribery at 40.7 per cent, followed by Tanzania at 39.1 per cent, Kenya at 29.5 per cent and Rwanda 2.5 per cent.

This implies that for one to access most of the essential services in Uganda, he is more likely to fork out a bribe than in any other East African country.

While the government has been accused of protecting corrupt officials, Parliament this year passed the Anti-Corruption Act where property that was acquired dubiously would be forfeited.



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