Big muscles, humble man

Would you consider yourself the strongest man in Uganda?
Yes. No doubt about that. Though people are wrong to think that bigger muscles always mean someone is stronger. Professional body builders, for instance, cannot claim to be stronger than professional weight lifters. Theirs is about power accumulation. Ours is about muscle definition and toning. I can have a better built body without necessarily being strong. Anyway, I am the strongest.

I wonder how Golola Moses will feel about your claim.
(Laughing..) No way! Golola is actually weak. He cannot handle the kind of weights we lift.

What is the heaviest weight you can lift? That depends on the timing and how prepared I’m because body-building is funny. You find one can lift a certain weight today but if they do not rest enough or work out well, they will not lift the same weight the next day. Otherwise on the bench, I can do 220kgs, and for deadlifting, I can do 350kgs.

When did you get into body-building?
In 2005. Initially I was a footballer, a goalkeeper. And a very good one at that. I even remember going for the national trials. But somewhere along the way, I quit football to concentrate on making money. I got a job at an Indian restaurant in Muyenga. That is how I made some money to start going to the gym, for personal fitness. But one day, I went to Nakivubo gym and Ssalongo Ssali, a body building coach, saw me. He thought my legs were suited for body building. I just had to work on the upper body. I did that then enrolled for Mr Uganda Juniors which I won. That inspired me and I joined the sport.

But man, those muscles! Do you sleep in the gym?
It’s not necessary to push yourself too hard. You just have to know how your body responds to different kinds of exercise so that you start doing particular drills at a given appropriate time to get a desired outcome. Otherwise, you could end up hurting your body. I work out for only three hours a day, excluding weekends.

Does it get harder with age?
Maybe it will but right now, I think I am only getting better. The peak years for body-building are somewhere between 32 and 40 when one’s body is fully developed. This is around the time most body-builders win major championships.

I hear you eat a full tray of eggs everyday as part of your diet!
Absolutely. And it still doesn’t do much. I should be eating more. I need to eat two whole chickens a day. Diet-wise, this game is so demanding. I should eat a heavy meal every two hours. However, due to financial constraints, I sometimes don’t do that. I eat 14 eggs at around 10am, with tea. At 12pm, I eat a whole chicken, with rice. 2pm, a kg of fish and irish potatoes and beans. More eggs and chicken as the day progresses. My sponsors cover my meals too.
So what does your wife cook for you? I do the cooking myself. I’m a professional chef. I told you I used to work at an Indian restaurant. During that time one of my bosses sponsored me for a catering course. So I know my way around the kitchen. I cook my own food. Actually, I am not married.

But you do have a child?
Yes, two a boy aged nine and a girl who will soon be five. Having children and being married are two different things. (Smiling..)

What happened to their mother?
Their mothers, actually. I think in both cases I was swept away by beauty. I rushed things only to realise on both occasions that these were not the women I wanted to build families with.

So are you single right now?
Yes. I’m single and content, focusing on my career.

When do you plan to get married?
Who knows? I’m a saved man and I believe God has a plan for me. But, I am also not the greatest fan of marriage. I think for sportsmen, especially body builders, marriage is not something they should consider seriously, at least not while their careers last. It has negative implications on your career. It comes with stress and diverts you from the main course. Most importantly though, sportsmen should not lay with women very often. It is aisable that you take three months without sex if you are to stay in top mode. But how does one do that if they are married?

You mean you try as much as possible to stay celibate?
Yes, most of the time. That is part of the discipline in this sport. But also, because I’m saved. I should not be sleeping around with girls. My God cannot be happy with such conduct.

Are you a good dad to your two children?
I’m the best father, believe me. Even the teachers at my children’s school can testify to that. My children are in boarding school but I do not go three days without paying them a visit. I need to be constantly sure that they are doing okay when at school. Then, during holidays, they come and live with me, not with their mothers because I want to be the one imparting all the discipline. I don’t trust anybody else to do a good enough job.

What could possibly frighten a man like you in this world?
Well, not a lion or a bear. There is nothing I fear in my life apart from God.

What else do you do apart from bodybuilding?
I’m a businessman. I import natural nutrition supplements that help in body building.

What are your future plans?
I would definitely like to win a few more medals on the international stage. But most importantly, I hope to start up a gym that will be the best in East Africa. It will obviously help body builders though I envision it being a gym for everyone. Working out is a sure way to stay healthy and I want to give people that opportunity. I will also open a school to educate people about fitness and nutrition.

Up close

Contrary to what many people might think, I am actually a very simple person. I have never used my pronounced body-build as leverage to cause chaos or be unruly. I don’t go around knocking all the small guys off the road. I am a humble and God fearing person. In fact I am saved. That is why on Sundays I have no other program apart from church.
His wins: 2014: Silver at the World Natural Body Building And Fitness Championships.


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