Best ways to shave your underarms

By: Chrsitine Katende

It feels unconformable when you have hairy underarms, especially if you are wearing vests or clothes that expose them. On the other hand, clean-shaved underarms are considered hygienic and reduce the amount of body odour that a person may develop from the accumulation of heat.

But how many people actually know the benefits of shaving and how to do it well?

Dr Jonathan Kabasa, a general practitioner with Kutesa Medical Centre in Kampala says armpits have creases that provide ample environment for growth of body bacteria and the presence of hair only increases bacterial growth. Dr Kabasa says the frequency of shaving depends on an individual’s body type. “There are those whose armpit hair grows fast and those whose hair grows slowly. Shaving should be done whenever the armpit hair grows,” Dr Kabasa says.

How to shave

•Splash the area around your underarms with water to soften the hair and the skin.

•Use a shaving gel or bathing soap to rub around the armpit. Keep the arm raised to keep the skin stretched.

•Start shaving using a shaver or razor. Clean the shaver razor after each stroke to remove foam or the cut hair strands. After shaving, clean the armpit to remove all foam.

•It is advisable to shave at night so as to give time for the skin to heal.

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