Besigye promises Karamoja own government

Kotido- The Forum for Democratic Change presidential candidate, Dr Kizza Besigye, has promised to give Karamoja sub-region its own regional government with strong powers to manage its own affairs if he is elected president in 2016.

“Instead of bringing a minister from Kampala to be minister of Karamoja, Karamoja instead should have its own government where you decide on your own matters here,” Dr Besigye told a huge crowd at Lokitelaebu centre during his campaign trail in Kaabong District on Friday.

He reiterated the same pledge on other rallies in Kanawat, Nakapelimoru in Kaabong District and Kotido Town Council.

Dr Besigye said only the people of Karamoja know what is best for the region which calls for their own regional governance system to address the area’s unique challenges.

He poked holes in the NRM government’s credentials of restoring peace in Karamoja sub-region after disarming the warriors.

Besigye said there can be no meaningful peace in Karamoja unless hunger, poverty and other inequalities in the region are addressed.

“I have been hearing people say Museveni has brought security to Karamoja. You cannot have security with injustice, and you cannot have security with the kind of poverty and hunger that is there in Karamoja. What causes stability is to have people who are socially secure, who have social security,” Dr Besigye said.

While campaigning in the region last week and on previous occasions, President Museveni has boasted of his government’s recovery of more than 40,000 guns from the armed Karimojong warriors which saw relative calm return to Karamoja.

Besigye told the people of Kotido that they ought to show their discontent to the NRM government, if they are to achieve anything for themselves.

“The government works like your body works, you only scratch where it itches, where there is no itching, you don’t scratch. So if you are just clapping for Museveni, for NRM, you will get nothing,” he said.

Citing a lack of government hospitals and schools in Kaabong and the fact that the entire district is not connected to the national electricity grid, Dr Besigye said the little that NRM has achieved was due to people like him in the Opposition who have shaken the system into panic to act.

“Karamoja used to be inhabited by proud and rich people who had a lot of cows but because of the confusion brought by NRM, now the young men of Karamoja are just burning charcoal,” he exclaimed.

He promised to restock cattle in Karamoja to help the populations regain their lost livestock.



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