Besigye asks Mbabazi, Sejusa to join his fight


The former FDC president, Dr Kizza Besigye, yesterday offered PM Amama Mbabazi two options of either joining the democracy seeking group to cause people defiance or take up the gun, saying political change through elections is an illusion.

Dr Besigye added that power struggles within the NRM party are real and a matter of life- and-death.“People will kill each other and eventually the bubble will explodeimplode because patronage has been expanding but the resources are limited,” Dr Besigye remarked but, “If Mbabazi or Sejusa or anybody (regardless of what they did yesterday) is willing to save Uganda, we must fold our sleeves and take up two ways rally people into a popular uprising or we get guns and fight.”

Gen David Sejusa is former coordinator of intelligence agencies who fled the country last year after allegedly authoring a letter claiming a plot to kill senior government officials opposed to President Museveni’ son succeeding him.By press time Mr Mbabazi could not be reached immediately for a comment.But Ms Josephine Mayanja Nkangi, the head of the PM’ press unit, said: “Besigye, just like anyone else, is entitled to his opinion”“Besigye is where he is because he chose and Mr Mbabazi is Prime Minister because he wants to serve his country. Picking up arms I think is not his way of doing things and he is not being held hostage.”

Dr Besigye, a former three-time presidential candidate and one time personal physician of the President during the 1980s guerilla war, said he was “horrified” by the way Mbabazi has “surrendered” while some people are praising him for acting “professional”.

Source: Daily Monitor

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