Bell Promotions Tease Kampalans

Being a journalist usually keeps one in the loop, but that was not the case last week as Bell Lager launched its new campaign – Live Every Moment.

I had received various calls on Monday inviting me to a campaign to save gorillas that would start at 7am at Konge-Makindye stage. I ensured that I was there on time. To my surprise, there was nothing at the stage showing that there would be any activity.

I stood by the stage thinking I had got the wrong address I called back the organisers. The voice told me I was in the right place and they would be showing up shortly. I stood, stranded like most people waiting to get to town for work. Then a taxi pulled up. But to everyone’s surprise, the ‘conductor’ was dressed in a gorilla costume.

My curiosity got the better of me and I wanted to board the taxi. Others immediately shunned it, labelling the operators thieves, but a few brave ones boarded. When the taxi started moving, the driver passed a placard to his conductor that read: “You have passed the test welcome to the Bell Nation.” He then informed the passengers that Bell Lager had cleared their fares.

It was Uganda Breweries Limited’s new way of engaging customers by putting multitudes of Ugandans to the ‘Bell Nation test.’ The gorilla move was dubbed ‘Strange Taxi’ and had various taxis in different locations such as Kabalagala, Makindye and Muyenga. Then there was ‘Fuel Top-Up,’ which produced more drama.

Bell got in contact with some petrol stations in town and had a camera crew at each one of them. And when someone drove in to fill their tank, without the driver’s notice, the pump attendant would double the amount of fuel the driver had asked for.

A few accepted the ‘mistake’ and were ready to pay, but others yelled and threatened to call ‘Above’ until they were shown the camera crew. This left many in stiches. The topped-up fuel was free of charge.

The campaign had social media buzzing all morning, with many asking what was going on and rushing to some petrol stations to order for fuel so they could get a double.

“It was to show the true Ugandan spirit by making a conscious choice to be defined by the joy found in every moment versus the tough reality you may be living through,” Nyimpini Mabunda, the managing director of UBL, told The Observer at Silk Liquid where the brewers hosted a press launch.

The campaign is still on, with Bell promising to pull off more stunts at random venues.

Source : The Observer