Be wary of cliques in NRM, Nadduli warns Luweero youth


The NRM vice chairperson for central region, Hajj Abdul Nadduli, has cautioned party supporters on emerging cliques within the party.

Hajj Nadduli said the cliques are undermining the party unity, which is a pre-requisite for winning an election.
Hajj Nadduli, who is also the Luweero District chairperson, said NRM has always defeated the Opposition due to its robust structures, but the current intrigue within the party, if not checked, will affect its performance in next year’s general election.

“We should discard intrigue and work for unity as members. We have been able to win previous elections not because we are an old party, but due to the unity and cohesion we have always exhibited,” he said, adding: “But today, some of our members wear different colours as if they belong somewhere else. If we choose to serve our own interests, we will give way to the Opposition to sweep all elective positions at all levels,” Hajj Nadduli warned.

He was speaking to youth from Luweero District who are aspiring for different political positions on the NRM ticket at a party consultative meeting in Luweero Town last Friday.

Hajj Nadduli, who also met another group of youth leaders in Wobulenzi Town, said he has tried to groom many youth to take over leadership positions from ageing politicians, but that some have proved to be impatient, while others are totally unfocused.

“We have seen it all and when we aise you to take a certain direction, please heed for the good of NRM. But some of your colleagues don’t listen and I want to assure you that they will not achieve what they want,” he said.