Bazèga: The municipality of Kombissiri committed against insalubrity

The municipality of Kombissiri, in collaboration with its partners, launched on Monday, May 22, 2023 in Kombissiri, the 4th edition of the municipal sanitation week to clean up the city, through cleaning and cleaning actions. 'waste disposal.

It was in the presence of the administrative, customary and religious authorities, the population and partners that the starting signal for the 4th edition of the Communal Sanitation Week (SCA) in the commune of Kombissiri was given.

The objective targeted through the organization of this activity, according to the 2nd vice-president of the Kombissiri special delegation, Séni Compaoré aims to strengthen consultation between the authorities and the citizens for a participatory and community management of solid waste from the city.

Mr. Compaoré clarified that the level of sanitation of public spaces, wild heaps as well as social mobilization around the management of solid waste is not good, according to the inventory.

According to him, this situation has led the municipal authorities to implement information, education and communication activities, including the municipal sanitation week scheduled for May 22 to 30, 2023.

The conduct of this activity, which will be done with the support and involvement of the population, will make it possible to rid the city of Kombissiri of solid waste, through the cleaning of public places and streets.

Instead of June 2 where the launching ceremony took place, the city authorities gave the starting signal for the 4th edition of the SCA 2023 under the theme: ‹‹ Cleanliness and social cohesion in the commune of Kombissiri : contribution of the living forces››.

The Secretary General (SG) of the province of Bazèga, Wossolème Clarisse Denni, who chaired the ceremony, invited the entire population to fully adhere to the municipality's solid waste management policy.

She specified that the population must work in synergy of actions with the associations in charge of the pre-collection and adopt civic behaviors to make the city clean and pleasant to see.

Source: Burkina Information Agency