Balotelli faked injury to get new iPhone 6

Italian controversial striker Mario Balotelli feigned injury in order to have enough time with the latest Iphone6, reports the Liverpool echo.

The paper continues that Balotelli actually was “infected” with the IPhone excitement after an encounter with a team mate who was using the same.

“When the Italian striker asked what a team-mate was holding, he was informed it was the new iPhone 6. Balotelli, not yet in possession of Apple’s latest smartphone, was visibly irked according to observers.

Moments later he trooped out on to the training field to take part in the warm-up but within minutes he pulled up complaining of discomfort in his hamstring. Staff sent him straight back inside to be checked out by the medics.

When the Liverpool squad returned to the dressing room at the end of the session 90 minutes later, they were surprised by what greeted them.

There was a beaming Balotelli sat in the corner, with a new iPhone 6 in his hand and a few spares boxed up next to him. One of his minions had been hastily dispatched to do some shopping. The pain in his hamstring had miraculously eased,” the Liverpool echo states.

Balotelli has since joined Italian side AC Milan on loan.