Baccalaureate and 9th Grade: girls account for over 60% of examinees in 2023

Over 60% of candidates to take the baccalaureate and 9th Grade exams in 2023 are girls, it emerges from figures provided by the Education Ministry at a press conference held Monday in Tunis. Statistics show 62% of 9th graders to sit the exam are girls (20, 236) against 12, 312 boys. The same goes for the baccalaureate exam with girls accounting for 61% of the total number of candidates (137, 906), that is 84, 547 pupils against 53,000 male candidates ( 39%). Female candidates seeking entrance to pilot schools represent 56% of the total number of examinees (56,893). Meanwhile, boys account for 70% of total candidates in 9th Grade (technical schools), that is 199 candidates, against 30% of girls (62 candidates). Director- General in charge of national examinations at the Education Ministry said 150,000 staff members will ensure the smooth running of national examinations.

Source: Agence Tunis Afrique Presse

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