Baby loses penis during circumcision

Kabarole. A six-months-old baby in Fort Portal has lost his penis during circumcision, a procedure his mother claims she never authorised.
Ms Rosette Katushabe, a resident of Rwengoma village in Fort Portal municipality, says her baby was on September 2 circumcised by a sheikh without her consent.
“I left my baby with a caretaker but when I came back I found that his penis had been cut off reportedly during circumcision. I asked the caretaker and she told me the baby’s auntie came with a sheikh who circumcised him,” Ms Katushabe told Daily Monitor on Monday.
Examination report from Fort Portal Regional Referral Hospital where the baby was taken on September 11 says “baby’s genitals were mutilated during a cultural circumcision”.
The testis and scrotal structure are normal.
Police in Fort Portal have arrested two suspects in connection with the circumcision.
The OC CIID at Fort Portal Central Police Station, Mr Joshua Tusingwiire, said, “definitely there is an offence committed. We examined the child together with Dr Charles Olaro (the Medical Superintendent at Fort Portal Regional Referral hospital), and he confirmed that the baby’s organ was cut off but that it can grow.”
He said they are going to charge the suspects the child’s auntie and the Sheikh with main harm, and that doctors from Spain are expected in two weeks’ time to further examine the child.

Previous cases
In 2013, a 44-year-old lost his penis to a botched male medical circumcision procedure in a private clinic in Kawempe Division, Kampala. The man said the circumcision was free, but he had to pay shs20,000 for the drugs. He said he woke up three hours after the procedure to find his penis stiff and was removed days later at Mulago hospital when it darkened and began peeling off.


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