Avoid sex favours from male colleagues, female MPs told

By: Martin Ssebuyira

Entebbe: Female Members of Parliament have been told to shun favours from male politicians for sex because it dents their political career and affects their self-esteem.

Dr Peace Musimenta, a gender studies lecturer at Makerere University, said a study by ISIS-WICCE on what MPs think about sex and politics found out that majority female MPs are demoralised by rumours about alleged sex escapades.

“Women in politics should be careful and desist from favours and advances for sex by male MPs. It disgraces them among members of public,” Dr Musimenta said during a meeting for effective legislation for female MPs organised by the Forum for Women in Democracy in Entebbe. She said the moment it comes out that a female MP slept with a male politician, the accused MP will be demonised and ashamed.

“There is a stereotype culturally that women are not allowed to walk with men who are not their husbands and when it happens, the MP is then accused for sleeping with that given man,” she added.

Women activist Miria Matembe urged the MPs to also desist from being used by political parties for selfish interests.

“You accept to board a bus and pick envelopes from the President to suppress or pass suppressive laws? This is corruption that women should stand up to fight,” Ms Matembe said. She said political parties remain gateways for women to start participating in politics but should have standards in order not to be used.

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