Ask the expert :My toilet pipe keeps leaking

By: Jonathan Adengo

Q. The pipe on my toilet flashing system keeps leaking or bursting. My regular plumber puts a sealer on it but this works for a short time then there is a leak again. Should I change the pipe altogether or is there a bigger problem.

Antonia Sebufu

Ans. Water pipe damage can be a disastrous experience in a home, especially when it occurs in the toilet. The toilet plumbing system comes in many different sizes and any home owner needs to put three things into consideration when installing a toilet.: The water inlet, the flow drain and the plumbing inside the toilet itself.

It is always advisable to use standard designs and plumbing systems, especially when dealing with toilet plumbing. Go for higher quality material that will not only guarantee you longevity but will also avoid unnecessary bursting and leakages in a home. I would strongly recommend that you use Gentex pipes because they are not only durable but strong enough as well.

The plumbing within the toilet itself is also vital in a home. There are many types of flushing systems available and choosing the right one can be very subjective. Flush systems can range from the traditional flapper and fill valve, to a flapperless trough that releases water when the tank lever is depressed, to a pressure-assisted system that moves the waste out of the toilet bowl with the aid of a vacuum.

The standard water usage in toilet plumbing is six litres of water per flush, though water-saving systems are available to that use as little as 4.2 or 4.8 litres on each flush. The traditional system -using a flapper and fill valve is preferred in most homes because it is easiest to repair, and inexpensive parts are commonly available.

Also make sure to employ a skilled person to help you with the repairs and also fixing so as to get the best services.

When the pipe bursts again, switch off the main switch at the tap that lets water flow into the toilet tank and make sure to have a clear open drainage system.

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