Aronda hated corruption, says widow


The wife of the former Chief of Defence Forces, Gen Aronda Nyakairima, Linda, yesterday described her husband as someone who “hated corruption”.

Because of this, she said she was not sure if his colleagues at the ministry of Internal Affairs, to which President Museveni had moved him, from Defence two years ago, welcomed him.
“He was a person who did not like corruption,” Ms Nyakairima told mourners a few minutes before his coffin was lowered into a grave yesterday in Rukungiri District.

“The ministry was, according to him, in a very bad state. So I am not so sure whether they welcomed him. As soon as he went to that ministry is when I [started] hearing negative things about my husband.”

She did not say what negative things had been said about him. However, she said she does not harbour ill feelings towards his former colleagues in the ministry.

In some circles, Gen Aronda is said to have been opposed to power schemes, which other people used to explain his redeployment from the Defence to Internal Affairs ministry.
According to this narrative, he was one of those opposed to a plot to have the First Son, Muhoozi Kainerugaba, succeed President Museveni when he retires.
“He left us too early. We were supposed to grow old together. I am saddened,” Linda said.

She, however, added that the fond memories she has of him will keep the family going and remembering him.
“He hasn’t left us so many things but he has left us a name as you can see from all the people who have gathered here,” she said.

President Museveni said if he had known Nyakairima had a medical problem, he would have done something about it.
“If I had known the medical cause, maybe something could have been done,” Mr Museveni said, adding, “If nothing could be done, at least I would have been satisfied.” He said he is “not satisfied” because case was not handled the way he thinks it should have been handled.


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