An ode to my morning tea

I take my morning tea seriously.
The day kicks into full gear when I hear the bearer of glad tidings –our faithful cook— bang the tea flask down and call out ‘Tea is ready!”
Suddenly the office comes alive and stories flow as one by one, we come to fill our cups.

For those of us who arrive at our workplaces when the night runners are just winding up and the cocks are getting their throats ready to crow, that morning cup of tea is a lifesaver I tell you.

And in honour of my daily cup, I have composed a poem. Hopefully one day it will be turned into an anthem to be recited wherever tea is taken, in homes, offices and at presidential breakfasts alike. Without further ado, one, two, three…!

Our daily flask
Which sustaineth us through the morning tasks
They sweet yellow brew
It keepeth us sane
And washeth down
From the canteen next door, yonder vile chokesome snacks.

Our faithful tea-brewer
Forgive us our greed
When we invade thy kitchen
To check on our brew
And the mutterings beneath our breath
When the sufuria it boileth still.

Lead us not into debt
When the month exceeds the money
And if we do not pay the milkman,
Spare us the punishment
Of taking black tea.

Take us not to court
If ever we are guilty
Of kidnapping next door’s flask
And accept our humble plea
“It wasn’t me”.

Arrive in time for our daily greetings
And let our gentle sips be the only thing to interrupt our meetings.

Be not heavy handed with the water
And light on the majani
But achieve thee the wholesome balance
That will bring that pleasant contented glow
On each our faces.

Let our daily ritual
Bring together friends, enemies and rivals
At thy hallowed table.

Though the sun shine hot
And sweat run unabated down our faces
Be the sky gloomy and grey
And the rain submerge all that is gay
Thou ever will be
Thou shalt ever remain
A warm comfort
For our every day.

SOURCE: Daily Monitor

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