All thieves should be punished, no matter what position they hold

Who are these car thieves? Are they part of a local criminal gang or are they from within security forces or operative in the region? Or, are they simply ordinary thieves, playing rough games, with the law?

Well, if corrupt government leaders and politicians in the region can steal millions of dollars or shillings from public treasuries and get away with it, with absolute impunity, why not steal their cars and sell them, at the highest possible bidder, for a few months of sukuma-week or nyama-choma, for that matter?

Stealing a car, is as much a criminal act, as it is to loot a public treasury. A crime is a crime.

All perpetrators, must be held accountable and brought to book, regardless who they may be, or (what crimes they may commit), whether a minister or a labourer, a foreign investor or a local poacher. Justice must be seen to be done, without favour or discrimination. The law must apply equally to all.

One is innocent, until proven guilty, shall we say or do we agree?

Raphael Kobologo
Online Comment

SOURCE: Daily Monitor


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