Accident victim cries for justice

By: Ephraim Kasozi

A scientist formerly working with National Agricultural Research Organisation is yet to get compensation after he sustained permanent injuries from an accident almost two decades ago.

Dr George Bigirwa filed a case before the Appeal Court in April 2009, challenging a Shs2 million award by the then High Court Judge Anna Magezi against the then head teacher of Namilyango College, Mr Peregrino Kibuuka.

Mr Kibuuka was sued for damages after knocking Dr Bigirwa in 1996. However, in the 2004 judgment, Justice Magezi found Mr Kibuuka negligent but did not quantify the award despite holding that Dr Bigirwa was entitled to damages and compensation.

Justice Magezi ordered the payment of Shs2m following an application by Dr Bigirwa’s lawyers to correct the error on the court record.

However, being dissatisfied with the court decision, Dr Bigirwa filed a notice of appeal in 2009 but to date, the case file has not been listed nor handled. He alleges that the judge failed to direct herself on the principles of assessing damages and evaluate any evidence pertaining to damages hence giving blank awards termed as entire claims. The judge did not discuss any evidence regarding damages or injuries.

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