About Us

The Uganda News Release has been covering all kinds of news from the every corner of Uganda with also covering international news related to the country for the longest period of time. The popularity of our news website is the depiction of our highly maintained reputation when it comes to trust any news website for knowing the current happenings of the African region. The website has a proper Archiving Management System that is for our readers in order to find out any backdated news on our website with comfort. The attribute that has taken us to the point from where we can proudly say that it the reliable news source, is our determination of never getting off the track that has been determined by the norms of journalism.

Constantly sticking to the basic teachings of the journalism, reminds us the promise which we made to ourselves and it is to never publish any news that is not verified. This approach makes us get the news only from the authentic news sources, which we have in almost every sector. We understand the hazardous outcomes of any fake news on the overall society and that is why we constantly check the reliability of our different news sources. Remaining unbiased in publishing the news on our news website also helps us to avoid unverified news and unbiased reporting is the pride of our news website.

The Uganda Press Release Service is what for which this website famous for because through opting for this services many businesses have witnessed their growth from becoming the successful businesses from being the startup ones. Through submitting the press releases on our website, the first positive sign you will witness, is a higher number of traffic on your business website.

Talk to us about our website and its way of publishing news at any time on any website of social media, as we are always active there because it is the source of getting the feedbacks and these feedbacks are actually sticking us in the right direction when it comes to bring the right news for people. You may enjoy services such as daily email news alerts and RSS News Feeds in order to stay up to date about the events that constantly taking place around you.