A quick guide to property ownership

The beginning of the year has many of us focused on our New Year resolutions and planning for a happy and prosperous future.

Judging by the many questions I get about investing in property at this time of the year, many people prioritise investing in a new home or taking the opportunity to kickstart their investment portfolio with a buy or rent a property.

So here I set out my top tips for making 2022 your successful property ownership year.


Consider the rent you are currently paying. Would a relatively small monthly increase on a mortgage allow you to own a property rather than continue to fund your landlord’s investment portfolio? Have you thought

about renting to buy? This is an increasingly popular and successful way to own an apartment — you pay a deposit and an agreed monthly rent, and at the end of a set period, you own the property.

This has been a popular approach in the US and Europe and we now have

property developers in Uganda such as Jakana Heights, who are offering this opportunity. It is something to consider with a property developer that has a good track record.


Some people consider building themselves an easier way to start the journey to homeownership, but ensuring you have a proper title to the land and undisputed site ownership can be complicated and expensive.

Buying from a trusted developer who has already completed all the due diligence and has proper legal entitlement can reduce a lot of uncertainty, costs and time.

There may even be room for title insurance in the market today but that is perhaps a subject for another time.


Before falling in love with the building, make sure the location will work for you. You need to consider convenience, cost of travel and investment growth. How good are the links to your workplace? Are the road connections good? Do you have alternative routes that you can use in the event of traffic congestion or emergencies? Are there good and accessible local amenities?


When choosing a location, it is worth researching whether the area has infrastructure or leisure facilities in planning.

For example, if a property is near a planned golf course or a future tarmac road, it will soon be more valuable than the initial amount you paid once the planned local amenities are completed.


Giving consideration to your location in terms of somewhere that is likely to grow more popular is a good investment start. If the location is a good one but not yet prime, you will be paying a lower price, and your investment will grow returns faster as the area moves from up-and-coming to in demand. Konge Hill is just one such area. I have been advising clients to look at this location with the excellent views, clean air, new roads into the city, and there are some prime developments already in the area.


A common mistake is to not investigate the quality and track record of the builders.

The building can look smart at face value, but if the builder has not used appropriate standards, you may quickly find that your property is poor value for money, and legal recourse is complicated. Choosing a property from a developer with a track record and a reputation for high-quality standards is critical.

Habert Kisira, a real estate consultant at Milleniumlands, said: “I advise many clients on their property search and it is critical for me that I have viewed the property and met the developer myself. This way, I can check the standards and reputation.


When assessing the cost of building a house, people often forget to factor in the price of adequately finishing it.

The things that don’t get factored in are typically the elements that enhance your investment — landscaped outdoor space to entertain friends and family, putting up a garden for children to play around, proper garage parking, on-site security and all-important standby generator.

These are all the added pluses that come from investing in an apartment developed by a high standard developer.

I hope these tips help keep your New Year property investment resolutions on track.

Source: New Vision


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