A leopard in sheep skin? Just give it time

Normally, when people meet, I mean fall in love, they tend to change in many ways communication, looks, walking style, dressing and character. It is through this that the person in the relationship will get an endearing name.

Some will go for darling, sweetheart, honey, bed cover, or even cup something that will sound appealing to your partner.
And then all of a sudden, the sweet name-calling stops out of the blue. It is then that even your true colours begin to surface. Your partner begins to notice that this is not the person they fell in love with.

Some men are shy though, and they would rather not tell you what they have noticed. He cannot imagine that the person he once called baibe, sweetie, my life, is now a liar. He will go ahead and save you as Liar on his phone back.
Imagine calling him and it is his friend with the phone? What will they say or think? They will ask who the person is, and if he refuses to disclose, some may go to the extreme of copying the number, just to find out who Liar really is. Believe me, there will be unannounced shame.

Take for instance, this money-minded girl, whose conversation is always about money, no matter the situation her man is in. She always goes: “Honey, I have a problem, my mother is hospitalised, my rent is due, I need shopping, atte hair.” Yes even after learning your mission, he will attend to you, but on the side, he will refer to you as a gold digger.
The irritating level of demand, will soon put him off he will start ignoring your calls, because he is scared of being robbed by his so called lover.

I know it might sometimes be hard to tell when we are not being real, but it becomes unfortunate when things suddenly backfire.
Looking on the other side of the coin, most women tend to be tolerant, and will keep calm and continue to call their partners “honey”, even if his true characters begin to show.
Women are so forgiving, and that is why you will find many women ignore a lot of things, even if she caught her man red-handed cheating with another woman.

But try this with a man, it will be an automatic exit and your name would soon change to slut, cheater or anything that bad. If he is a God-fearing or good-hearted man, he will sit you down and talk to you about your behaviour, and if that happens, then thank God.

This means that this person has given you a platform to review your character, and a free chance to change to the good name he would soon baptise you with.
If you secretly find that your name was changed to Liar in his phone, work hard to disprove him.


SOURCE: Daily Monitor

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