A cure for bloating : what you should eat

By: Roland Nasasira

Do you suffer from stomach bloating after meals? It could be because the food you are eating has not been ingested properly, or you are having a high salt intake. Dr Rehma Nanteza, of Monak Medical Clinic in Kampala says stomach bloating is common when a person eats canned food.

“When someone eats a lot of food, which can also be a symptom of stomach disease, it takes a long time for it to go through the digestion process, accumulating gases such as carbon dioxide, which cause the stomach to swell hence bloating,” Dr Nanteza says.

Foods such as yoghurt are considered good to eat when a person experiences frequent bloating. Drinking plenty of water is also another way to manage bloating as water flushes sodium and fluids from our body system.

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