97 per cent of Ugandans enumerated

Kampala- Population and housing census ends today with 97 per cent coverage of the country, the national census coordinator, Mr Francis Mashate, has said.

This means that nearly the entire country has been covered in the exercise save for a tiny fraction, particularly in Kampala, Wakiso and West Nile.

Speaking at a news conference yesterday in Kampala, the Uganda Bureau of Statistics (Ubos) executive director, Mr Ben Mungyereza, said the 97 per cent of the country that has been covered in the Population and Housing Census is an estimated figure—and not real figures.
He said: “The 97 per cent figure we have given you is our estimates basing on the reports we have. Provisional results will be available two months after the completion of the exercise.”

Meanwhile, according to Ubos, those who haven’t been counted yet have to do it before close of business today as the census comes to a close.
In a separate interview, Mr Mungyereza said the exercise was excellent despite challenges encountered.

Enumerators resign
In the last 13 days, the statistics prefect had to grapple with resignations of several enumerators, especially in Kampala who were not contented with their facilitation and deployment.

Border conflicts
Border conflicts, especially in parts of West Nile, cult beliefs in some areas of the country and frequent rains in the past few weeks, all contributed in derailing the national exercise.

“We have gone through a lot of difficulties,” Mr Mungyereza, adding, “dogs were unleashed on our enumerators, some were chased away and others refused to open their gates as others simply refused to cooperate,” Mr Mungyereza said.
He continued: “But that did stop us from doing our work. We kept on working hard.”

Enumerators who are keeping enumeration information will not be paid until they hand in the booklets.


SOURCE: Daily Monitor