Terrorism: In addition to weapons, it is important to rely on God, Pasteur Yé

The President of the Federation of Evangelical Churches and Missions (FEME) of Burkina Faso, Pastor Henri Yé, said on Saturday that to counter terrorism, in addition to armament, it is important to rely on God.

"The initiative of the Transitional government to organize a national day of fasting and prayer for peace in Burkina Faso is a noble initiative because this government has understood that we cannot rely only on ourselves, on our own strength, on our armament that we have. But how important it is to rely on the Eternal our God, it is he who created us,” said Pastor Henri Yé.

The president of the Federation of Evangelical Churches and Missions (FEME) of Burkina Faso spoke on Saturday, at the end of a day of prayer recommended by the government for social cohesion and the return of peace.

As a reminder, Burkina Faso has suffered for eight years, terrorist attacks which have taken the lives of several hundred people and caused the displacement of more than two million others as well as the closure of thousands of schools and health centers. .

Captain Ibrahim Traoré, who came to power on September 30, 2022, sounded the general mobilization against the Forces of Evil.

“As far as we are concerned, this is not the first meeting. We had to do prayer chains over time. Every time Burkina has been attacked, we have always knelt down, so we have been praying for a long time and we will continue to pray in our churches”, added Pasteur Yé.

Several members of the government made the trip to the site of the 75th anniversary of Ouagadougou where the national day of prayer for the evangelical community took place.

"The message that the religious authorities conveyed at the level of the FEME, they were really poignant messages, messages of questioning, messages" which calls us to take God for support, declared the Minister in charge of Foreign Affairs. foreigners, Olivia Rouamba

“At the same time, I wanted to challenge, I will not speak of unbelievers, but in fact of people who may have in them, an impotence of faith, so that they can also wake up spiritually and join the big Burkinabè family; so that together we can build a strong Nation, a Nation that can find favor in the eyes of the Lord of hosts,” she said.

Olivia Rouamba, who claims to be of the Catholic faith, found the idea of prayer for the Nation "ingenious", because according to her, "nothing can be done without the will of God and no success can be based on the nil”.

Faithful Christian Monique Sawadogo rejoiced to be able to join with the brothers and sisters to implore the Lord for peace in Burkina Faso.

“Our Lord tells us that where two or three people are gathered together, he is in our midst. And there, we are many and if we raise our voices to heaven, the Lord will hear and surely, he will do something”, faith of Mrs. Sawadogo.

Source: Burkina Information Agency

Zabré: “We have faith that the sad pages of terrorism will soon be closed”, supporters of the Transition

The task still remains colossal, but with the will, the determination and the continuation of the current combat dynamic, we have faith that the sad pages of terrorism will soon be closed". It is this message of hope that led many people to walk this Saturday in Zabré, to support my Transition and the Combatant Forces.

The Living Forces of the municipality of Zabré organized this Saturday, May 20, 2023 a march in support of the Transition regime. Coming from the 44 villages of the canton of Zabré, a large crowd gathered around 8 am at the Place de la Nation de Zabré, the starting point of the march.

The objective of the marches is to show their support for Captain Ibrahim Traoré, his government, the Defense and Security Forces (FDS) and the Volunteers for the Defense of the Homeland (VDP).

Among the walkers there are young, old, women and even children. They held Burkinabè, Russian and Chinese flags and placards on which one could read, among other things: “No to France! Long live social cohesion between the sons and daughters of Burkina Faso! No to neocolonialism! Ibrahim Traoré or nothing”.

They pronounced in unison “long live Captain Traoré, long live the FDS, long live the VDP” all in an atmosphere of vuvuzela.

The 2 km round-trip route took walkers from the Place de la Nation to the Zabré bus station.

Along the roads, there are closed shops and other businesses. Some traders interviewed said that their priority today was walking. They will return to their businesses afterwards.

For the spokesman of the coalition of the Forces vives, Boureima Targuigmdé, this is a historic day because all the Forces vives of Zabré have taken the firm resolution to mobilize massively as a single family to answer the call of the homeland.

"The task still remains colossal, of course, but with the will, the determination and the continuation of the current combat dynamics, we have faith that the sad pages of terrorism will soon be closed", he delivered in an extract from his message to the authorities at the end of the market.

At the national level, he says he also hopes that the children will freely go to school from Markoye to Sokoandé, and that the farmers of Kongoussi, Seguenega or Mani will be able to devote themselves entirely to field work.

The prefect-president of the special delegation (PDS) of Zabré, B. Alain Bassono says he got the message.

He called on all religious denominations to pray and customary chiefs to appeal to the ghosts of ancestors for the return of peace to Burkina Faso .

“What we remember today is that Zabré has decided to support the Transition, because Zabré believes in the Transition and for my part I will convey the message to whom it may concern” he continued. He ended by asking people to remain on permanent alert.

As a reminder, this day of May 20, 2023 has been declared a day of prayer and fasting by religious leaders. Also before the start of the march, a spontaneous collection of funds for the war effort made it possible to collect on the spot the sum of 500,000f which was given to the PDS.

Source: Burkina Information Agency

Balé: Catholics and Evangelicals intercede for peace in Burkina Faso

The Secretary General of the Balé province, Salimata Ouédraogo/Sanou, led the delegation of administrative authorities to the national day of fasting and prayer, organized on Saturday by the Catholic and Evangelical Christian communities in Boromo .

The Catholic and Evangelical community of Boromo observed the national day of prayer and fasting for peace and social cohesion, recommended by the government on May 20, 2023.

To this end, the administrative authorities attended the morning of prayer respectively at the Catholic Church of Saint Pierre des Clés and at the Church of the Assemblies of God in sector 4 where were gathered in the same spirit, the faithful of the churches and missions evangelicals of the Balé.

The leaders of these churches say they are responding to the government's call in the face of the security emergency and the return of peace to Burkina Faso.

In the churches that day, the faithful prayed for the administrative and political authorities and the Defense and Security Forces, the volunteers for the defense of the homeland and for all of Burkina Faso.

In addition, they implored the Lord for the forgiveness of the sins of the Burkinabe, the return of dialogue between the sons and daughters of Burkina Faso but above all for the terrorists to come to their senses and convert to the light of the Lord.

Priest Modeste Bicaba and Pastor Blaise Bado said that given the current security situation in the country, prayer is also a great solution.

They thus welcomed the mobilization of the faithful for the occasion. According to them, this proves their love for their country and an awareness of the situation. Today's day will thus be dedicated to prayers for the nation.

The men of God also greatly appreciated the visit of the authorities which, according to them, proves their interest in the objectives of the day.

For the Secretary General of the province, Salimata Ouédraogo/Sanou, it was fashionable for the authorities to attend the activities of religious denominations because it is proof of the attachment of the prize to the government's initiative.

She congratulated the Christian faithful for holding the day in the various churches. Likewise, Ms. Ouédraogo invited them to continue to pray for the national authorities and the combatant forces beyond today.

Source: Burkina Information Agency

Anti-corruption agencies: African Commonwealth countries agree to information-sharing and support

The 13th Regional Conference of Heads of Anti-Corruption Agencies in the Commonwealth of Africa held in Seychelles enabled its participants to discuss problems specific to each country, allowing the identification of common points of concern.

At the conference, which ended on Friday, May de Silva, the commissioner of the Anti-Corruption Commission of Seychelles, was confirmed as the new chairperson of the Association of the Commonwealth Africa Anti-Corruption Agencies in Africa.

De Silva said in her statement at the closing ceremony, that "a problem Seychelles faces is the fact that we are isolated at times from mainland Africa and the Commonwealth Africa."

She said that "However, our problem is similar when it comes to our fight against corruption. There is the same problem with funding, and getting financial forensic specialists We have seen that there are some differences as well when it comes to political will."

The three-day conference, which kicked off on Monday at the Savoy Resort, was attended by representatives from Botswana, The Gambia, Ghana, Kenya, Malawi, Mauritius, Namibia, Nigeria, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, South Africa, Uganda, Tanzania and Zambia.

A series of priority areas were identified to be worked on.

"In our communique, we guarantee that we will face these challenges and we will reinforce the services that we offer. We will also bring this fight to another level. We will ensure that we share with each other the programmes that we see are innovative and have worked in other African Commonwealth countries and that we will also be able to use these models that they have and support each other," said de Silva.

Anti-corruption agencies of Commonwealth Africa are seeking to increase youth education and public awareness of the impact, harm and cost of corruption as well as promote integrity and accountability in public office in the Seychelles Communique.

The communique also seeks to promote leadership, honesty, selflessness, and innovation, and to prove the quality of outgoing mutual legal assistance (MLA).

Member governments are also being asked to enact and implement effective legislation, open and transparent procedures on the declaration of assets of senior public officials supported by honest wealth provisions and civil assessment recovery for future measures.

The members agreed to engage international communities to strengthen collaboration in the fight against corruption, develop information-sharing and further engage citizens on corruption issues at local national, regional, and international levels.

The next regional conference of heads of anti-corruption agencies in Commonwealth Africa, in 2024, will take place in Ghana in partnership with the Commonwealth Secretariat.

Source: Seychelles News Agency

Seychelles wins 2 golds and 3 bronzes at African Weightlifting Championships

Seychelles has won two gold and three bronze medals at the African Weightlifting Championships taking place in Tunisia from May 14 to May 19.

Twenty-year-old Joelita Coloma won two gold medals at the competition on Wednesday. She earned her first gold medal in the snatch lifting, a total of 85 kg, but came out fourth in the clean and jerk.

After lifting 100kg, she failed her attempt at 101kg and did not return for her third attempt as she had picked up a slight injury. Coloma's Olympic total of 185kg brought her a second gold medal.

Algerian Bouchra Hirech came in second place with a lift of 81kg in snatch lifting and 103kg for clean and jerk, giving her a total of 184kg. In third place was Rayssa Djifack from Cameroon with a total of 180kg - 77kg snatch and 103kg clean & jerk.

Earlier in the competition, experienced Seychellois lifter Ruby Malvina won three bronze medals for Seychelles in the 64kg weight class. She finished third with a total of 187kg after snatching 80kg and lifting 107kg in the clean and jerk.

The winner was Tunisian Chaima Rhamouni who lifted a total of 199kg -90kg snatch and 109kg for clean & jerk - and second-place finisher another Tunisian Jawaher Gesmi who snatched and lifted 86kg and raised 107kg in the clean and jerk for a total of 193kg.

The Weightlifting Federation of Africa (WFA) is hosting the competition, which also serves as qualifiers for African nations to compete at the XXXIII Olympic Games in Paris, France, from July 26 to August 11, 2024.

Source: Seychelles News Agency