Burkina: adoption of a plan of 215 billion FCFA in support of vulnerable people

The Burkinabè government adopted Wednesday in the Council of Ministers, a support plan for vulnerable people in the amount of 215 billion FCFA, 70% of which has already been mobilized.

“On behalf of the Ministry of Agriculture, Animal and Fisheries Resources, the Council adopted the Response and Support Plan for Populations Vulnerable to Food Insecurity and Malnutrition for the year 2023.

"The plan aims to improve access to drinking water, agricultural inputs and production equipment, but also to improve feed for livestock," said the minister in charge of agriculture. , Denis OUEDRAOGO.

This plan, with a total cost of 215 billion FCFA, of which 70% has already been mobilized to date, has introduced innovations compared to its initial configuration which accorded an important place to assistance.

For Minister Dénis OUEDRAOGO, the government has given guidelines so that part of these resources devoted to assistance can be used to support production in order to improve the resilience of the people concerned and with a view to achieving the objectives. of production for the 2023 wet campaign.

Source: Burkina Information Agency

Burkina: The winner of the 3rd prize of the Head of State at FESPACO 2023 receives two million

Dramane Ouédraogo, winner of the 3rd prize of the Head of State with his film "Milla as far as the night lasts", received Wednesday in Ouagadougou, the sum of two million FCFA, hands of the Director General of the Burkinabe Bureau of Copyright (BBDA), Ahmed known as Patindeda Patric Laga.

"It must be said that the ceremony that brings us together this morning is recognition of a job very well done on the occasion of the Pan-African Film and Television Festival of Ouagadougou, for which Mr. Ouédraogo was awarded the 3rd President's Prize. of Faso", declared the director general of the BBDA, Ahmed dit Patindeda Patric Laga.

According to Patindeda Patric Laga, what Dramane Ouédraogo has achieved contributes to advancing the missions of the BBDA, which is to collect, distribute and pay the rights of the creators of works and the spirit.

“Mr. Ouédraogo, champion of the day, allow me to salute the very well done job that you have demonstrated through your film; which caught the attention of the jury responsible for awarding and giving the awards on behalf of the President of Faso for FESPACO 2023,” he said.

Ahmed dit Patindeda Patric Laga added that the Burkinabe Copyright Office (BBDA) celebrates its members who shine in major competitions, which is why they did not remain silent following the success of director Dramane Ouédraogo here present at FESPACO 2023.

The CEO of the BBDA congratulated the winner as well as the members of the jury who worked hard to decide between the competitors.

He also thanked the organizing committee of this edition of FESPACO who knew how to meet the challenges until the end.

“It's a prize that I receive with great pleasure. For me, this award is an invitation to do better because some don't know that, basically I'm an actor and I tried my hand at directing through this film,” said winner Dramane Ouédraogo.

Source: Burkina Information Agency

Burkina: A humanitarian NGO equips the Bogodogo hospital with a borehole equipped with a water tower

The Kuwaiti NGO Direct Aid, on Wednesday, provided the Bogodogo University Hospital Center (CHU-B) with a borehole equipped with a water tower worth more than of 21 million CFA francs, in order to compensate for the cuts in running water encountered by this health establishment.

“The problem of water is acute in our hospital. With this water tower and its flow of 10 cubic meters, the water problem now at the Bogodogo University Hospital Center (CHU-B) will decrease considerably, "said the Director General (DG) of CHU-B, Seydou Number.

For him, the borehole equipped with a water tower, worth more than 21 million CFA francs, is the work of the NGO Direct Aid, a Kuwaiti humanitarian development structure.

Mr. Nombré spoke on Wednesday in Ouagadougou, in the premises of his health establishment, during a ceremony for the reception of a borehole, carried out by the Kuwaiti humanitarian NGO, Direct Aid.

The DG of CHU-B specified that his health structure has established a partnership with the NGO for better quality health services for the benefit of the populations.

Seydou Nombré explained that the realization of the hydraulic infrastructure started from a finding of the lack of water in 2022 at the CHU-B, from a user in the person of El Hadj Ilboudo whose 15-year-old child, then victim of an accident.

According to him, El Hadj Ilboudo, working with partners in the humanitarian sector, is asking them for support in terms of drinking water for the Bogodogo hospital and the NGO Direct Aid has given its agreement for the construction of the castle of 'water.

"I would like to commit you to the proper use and maintenance of the work that will be offered to us," he told the staff.

The first manager of CHU-B also pleaded for the resolution of the sanitation problems, the repair of the waste water evacuation channels and the resolution of the rising odors.

The Secretary General of the Ministry of Health, Dr Estelle Dabiré/Dembélé, stressed that the work will undoubtedly put an end to the numerous pressure drops and water cuts that the hospital is experiencing.

According to her, the support of the NGO Direct Aid will improve the quality and safety of care to the happiness of the beneficiary populations.

“I invite you to make good use of it. Make a firm commitment to its management and maintenance through your competent structures in order to derive the most benefit from it in the long term”, urged Dr Estelle Dabiré/Dembélé.

The acting Country representative of the NGO Direct Aid, Amrani Abdel Hakim, noted that the hydraulic structure of more than 21 million FCFA completes the list of boreholes that its structure has carried out throughout the national territory.

In her opinion, since 1986, the date of the installation of the humanitarian structure in Burkina, she has been able to carry out 2,000 boreholes for the benefit of urban and rural populations.

Amrani Abdel Hakim also indicated that the NGO Direct Aid, intervenes in the fields of social, education and hydraulics in Burkina.

Source: Burkina Information Agency

Yatenga: Public speaking in the service of peace and social cohesion

The association Citizen Action for an Ideal World (ACMI) organized, on Saturday May 13, 2023, in Ouahigouya the second edition of oratory arts for peace at the Listening and Dialogue Center for young people from Ouahigouya.

The final of this second edition of public speaking opposed the Yamwaya High School team to that of the Ouahigouya Communal High School in the school category.

The Joseph Ki Zerbo team and the Human Rights Defenders team competed in the university category. Oratorical contests at the school level focused on “poverty as the main cause of violent extremism.

» At the university level, the teams tried to convince the audience on the fact that « only an endogenous solution could help Burkina Faso to overcome the terrorist hydra. »

"This edition is a contribution of oratorical arts in the service of peace and social cohesion, especially at a time when Burkinabè people need to talk to each other more," said promoter Inoussa Kirakoya.

In the school category, the team from the Lycée Communal de Ouahigouya took over from the Lycée Yamwaya. In the University category, the Joseph Ki Zerbo team won against the human rights defenders team.

Source: Burkina Information Agency