Bulgarian PR guru Maxim Behar launches book: “Seychelles Recipes and More about ‘Paradise on Earth'”

The Honorary Consul General of Seychelles in Bulgaria, Maxim Behar, has displayed his more creative culinary side through the writing of a book on the cuisine, nature and people of Seychelles - a country he has been serving since 2004.

Called "Seychelles Recipes and More about 'Paradise on Earth'" in Bulgarian, the book holds 25 recipes from Seychellois cuisine, ranging from starters, main dishes to desserts.

Behar, who is the owner and CEO of an award-winning European PR corporation, M3 Communications Group, told SNA that one of the very unique sides of the beautiful country of course is the unique cuisine.

"Being in the public relations business I understand very well that cuisine is very attractive and, alongside this, people will learn many other things about our country. I know Seychelles for almost 20 years and it was always my wish to promote it better to the world," said Behar.

Talking about what inspired him to write the book, Behar outlined that it was his participation in a reality cooking show on Bulgarian NOVA TV Channel called 'The Cherry on the Cake', that sparked the idea.

"In the show, I cooked genuine Seychelles food and the interest was really enormous. Hundreds of people called me with requests for recipes and more details about Seychelles and then I had only one choice to satisfy those requests - to write a book," said Behar.

Offering a deeper glimpse into his relationship with Seychelles, Behar said that his favourite Seychellois dishes are the Millionaire Salad or Palm Heart salad and Tuna Fish Grilled Steak, two dishes that he regularly cooks at home.

To put together the recipes in the book, Behar received guidance from two people within the culinary scene of Seychelles. One was his close Bulgarian friend, Milen Velikov, who lived in Seychelles for about 15 years and opened a Creole restaurant in the Northern Bulgarian city of Ruse.

"Before the pandemic, he was managing an emblematic restaurant on Mahe, called 'Oscars'. Luckily, and totally coincidentally, at the time when I was writing a book there was a Seychellois chef - Julio Lesperance - visiting friends in Sofia, and part of the advice also came from him," said Behar.

Aside from the Seychellois cuisine, the book also tells the story of the island nation's people and nature.

Behar said that the more people know about the country, which he refers to in the book as 'Paradise on Earth', the better for Seychelles' economy, for the education of its people, and for the cultural exchange and friendship between the nations.

"Seychelles cuisine is not foreign to me. Deeply in my heart and thoughts, I feel Seychelles. My dream is to make the country much more known all over the world. That is why the book will soon be in the English language on Amazon so millions of people all over the world will be able to download it. Making Seychelles better branded reflects not only on tourism, but also on businesses, and investments. Even our national pride is important in this unsecured and difficult world," said Behar.

Source: Seychelles News Agency

Over 50 large bags of suspected drugs intercepted on dhow in Seychelles’ waters

Over 50 large bags, containing suspected packets of illicit drugs, were removed by Seychelles’ military officials and the police from a dhow intercepted in the island nation’s waters.

The Seychelles Coast Guard escorted the dhow and its seven crew members aboard to its base at Ile Du Port arriving at around 1p.m. on Saturday.

“During the Coast Guard routine patrol, the dhow was spotted southeast of Mahe, and the Coast Guard vessel, Zoroaster, was sent to their location. They had to use force to stop the boat whose crew was not cooperating,” said Lieutenant Colonel Archil Mondon, the public relations officer of the Seychelles Defence Forces (SDF) and the commanding officer of the Special Forces Unit.

He explained that while they were boarding the dhow, which had seven crew members, some of them had dumped some bags into the sea. The bags were recovered and transported to the main island of Mahe.

The operation to inspect and remove the suspected drugs from the boat took place in the presence of President Wavel Ramkalawan, along with other senior members of the SDF and the Seychelles Police.

Ramkalawan has congratulated the Seychelles security services including the SDF, the police and intelligence services as well as all other key partners involved in the recent anti-narcotics operation during which the largest amount of drugs was seized.

"This is a reflection of the enormity of the challenge our country is facing vis-a-vis the drug scourge, and the government with all its stakeholders and partners remains determined to pursue this fight for the protection of our people, especially the youth of Seychelles. We will not give up in this fight and I once again call on everyone to join in this fight. Congratulations for a job well done!” he said.

The Commissioner of Police, Ted Barbe, said that the SDF and the police worked closely together in such operations. The police then take over the investigation once the boat is brought ashore.

“There are no Seychellois aboard the boat and we are yet to ascertain the crews’ nationality, although we know that a lot of Iranians tend to frequent our waters,” said Commissioner Barbe.

He added that at the moment, they cannot confirm what type of drugs are in the bags, although they suspect it to be illicit drugs. This will be known once the relevant tests are done.

Source: Seychelles News Agency

Tunisia, Libya to sign shortly physician mobility agreement

A cooperation agreement on the mobility of doctors will be shortly signed by Tunisia and Libya, the Tunisian Medical Association (French: CNOM) said. This follows the issuance by the Libyan medical association of a press release in which it said it is regretful to see Tunisian physicians travel frequently to Libya and practise outside the legal framework there. A meeting involving the CNOM and a high-level Libyan delegation led by the association's president and a health ministry representative will be held soon in Tunis, the same source said. It was agreed at a meeting in Rabat which brought Maghreb medical associations in March to establish a system which guarantees effective and sound joint action in respect of the law while preserving the rights of patients and physicians. CNOM President Ridha Dhaoui Friday told TAP Tunisian physicians wishing to practise in Libya need to obtain prior authorisation from the Libyan Doctors Union. Dhaoui called on all Tunisian doctors practising both in Tunisia and Libya to inform the CNOM which ensures coordination with the Libyan Doctors Union for authorisations.

Source: Agence Tunis Afrique Presse

Tunisian Eco Water projects, among 3 finalists of 6th International Solidarity FabLabs Challenge

A young, ambitious and innovative Tunisian team have achieved excellence through the Eco Water project, which optimizes the management of gray water through an innovative and unique system in Tunisia, based on natural materials and smart home automation. Nihel Sliti and Mohamed Amine Abdi, two youths in their twenties, are among the 13 finalists of the 6th International Solidarity FabLabs Challenge, organised by a private telephone operator under the theme of Water. Their Eco Water project won in the internet users' vote category, the "I make for my city Challenge" which targets households, alongside two other teams from Cameroon and Madagascar. The voting operation, which is still ongoing, will allow the public to choose one of the three projects presented by the three countries (Tunisia, Cameroon and Madagascar). The Eco Water project was selected from among 60 others presented by 24 countries, the project holders told TAP, announcing that they are preparing to participate in another competition "changeNOW," the largest event on solutions for the planet. The winning team of this international competition will be coached by the director of changeNOW, a real asset for their project and the 3 finalist teams will be present at the event. Eco Water, addressing water scarcity in Tunisia Nihel Sliti and Mohamed Amine Abdi pointed out that the idea of Eco Water project had been born from the constant shortage of water resources and the drought that Tunisia, like other countries, is suffering. This situation had prompted them to think about the reuse of grey water in households, as 36% of the water consumed at homes is used for waterproofing (a barrier against water infiltration) and 32% is used in showers, compared to only 1% for drinking water, according to data from the World Health Organisation (WHO). This project is designed for Tunisian families who are suffering from a shortage of drinking water but also from soaring national water management costs. The two young students underlined the urgency of finding a quick and urgent solution to the problem of water scarcity, laying emphasis on the need to save water. The goal is to identify a solution, which will be as close to reality as possible, for households in a first step and for water consuming industrial sectors in a second step. "I make for my city challenge, which has chosen the theme of water for this year, has encouraged us to think about a practical solution that can be implemented quickly, instead of thinking about water desalination, which is a solution that is currently being proposed, but which remains expensive," said Nihel. Eco Water is environmentally friendly The idea for this project was born in February 2023, the two young students undertook to present an ecological solution using natural materials and preserving the environment and nature. It also seeks to reduce water consumption and preserve the country's water resources. This project can save about 60% of the water consumption bill and reduce the quantities consumed by about 60 litres, they explained, adding that each person consumes about 120 litres of water per day. Eco Water, an innovative and creative project The Eco Water project has not only presented a solution based on natural materials, it has innovated. It offers, according to the two young academics, an application to monitor water quality in real time and the status of the device by giving information if the filters need to be replaced. It also monitors water consumption. Eco Water, which is environment-friendly, has economic specificities, ensures the rationalisation of wastewater management through an innovative system that is unique in Tunisia, thanks to artificial intelligence. Water will be distributed via an information system that remotely controls water consumption in real time. The project consists in collecting gray water from showers, sinks and washing machines through an in-house filtration system using natural materials (sand, gravel, activated charcoal). "In order to preserve nature and water, we did not use chemicals and we resorted to a solution inspired by nature, because the filtration of water in nature goes through the same stages as the method we have adopted," explained Nihel Sliti. Abdi added that the choice of this method (water filtration) has been mainly adopted for ecological reasons, pointing out that the water filtered through this system is not intended for drinking or bathing, but for other uses in the house (irrigation or bathrooms). "The innovation of the project consists in monitoring the quality of the treated water, which (quality) determines the operation of the distribution of the same water for a given use. The most polluted water, for example, is used for flushing toilets that consume a lot of energy," he underlined. "In addition to monitoring the quality of the water, we are also able to monitor consumption and the savings that citizens can make by using this system," the young team said. The two young students asserted willingness to speed up the execution of their project by setting up a nursery either in Tunisia or elsewhere to house it, as this project requires funding and raw materials to get it off the ground and into the industrialisation and marketing phase. Editing by Ben D'haou Nejiba.

Source: Agence Tunis Afrique Presse

Burkina: 3,000 young people and women to be trained in agro-sylvo-pastoral entrepreneurship

The first stage of the Presidential Initiative to support the employment of young people and women through the promotion of agro-sylvo-pastoral entrepreneurship, will be carried out in the Hauts-Bassins region and will mobilize 3,000 young people and women.

“The Presidential Initiative to support the employment of young people and women by promoting

of agro-sylvo-pastoral entrepreneurship aims to contribute to the socio-professional integration of young people and women.

It will also make it possible to strengthen the technical and financial capacities of young people and women project leaders, to fight against underemployment and unemployment among young people.

It will be financed by the State and technical and financial partners.

The first stage of the implementation of this Presidential Initiative, at a total cost of 12,136,252,000 CFA francs, will take place in the Hauts-Bassins region and will, among other things, make it possible to develop 300 hectares of agricultural land on the site of the Matourkou National Agricultural Training School, 270 hectares in

09 beneficiary municipalities and to train 3,000 young people and women, 40% of whom are women, in the agro-sylvo-pastoral and fisheries sectors.

Source: Burkina Information Agency

Burkina / War effort: More than 291 million FCFA mobilized in April

More than 291 million FCFA were mobilized in cash in April as part of the war effort, according to a report closed on April 24, 2023.

Motorcycles, food, lubricants and other materials have been received by the committee.

In five months, about 771 million FCFA were mobilized in cash and a large quantity of materials.

Source: Burkina Information Agency

Burkina: Adoption of a decree to promote traditional fabrics

The Burkinabè government adopted on Friday a decree promoting the wearing of FASO DAN FANI, KOKO DUNDA and other traditional fabrics, for economic and identity reasons.

“The main objective is to promote Burkinabe cultural identity and to

revitalize the national economy by developing the creative spirit.

Issues related to the production and consumption of FASO DAN FANI,

KOKO DUNDA and other traditional fabrics are economical and

especially identity.

They are part of the dynamic of: "Let's produce what

we consume and consume what we produce”.

The adoption of this decree aims to promote the production and consumption of

local fabrics for an endogenous development of Burkina Faso. »

Source: Burkina Information Agency

Burkina: President Traoré welcomed in jubilation in the bowl of the Sangoulé Lamizana omnisport stadium

The President of the Transition, Captain Ibrahim Traoré, was welcomed this Saturday at the opening of the 20th National Culture Week (SNC) by a jubilant crowd in a bowl filled with the Sangoulé Lamizana stadium, noted an AIB journalist.

The Head of State arrived around 4 p.m. After the execution of the national anthem, captain Ibrahim Traoré toured the stadium, to the applause of the public.

It should urgently sound in the gong marking the launch of the festivities of this very great meeting of culture and the arts of Burkina Faso.

Source: Burkina Information Agency

Burkina: A United Nations justice of the peace calls on the government to dialogue with armed groups

Defense security expert, justice of the peace and diplomat accredited to the United Nations, Achille Dode, invited the Burkinabè government during a press conference, to the negotiation, to the dialogue with unidentified armed groups for the return of peace to Burkina Faso.

“For us, there is a need for the Burkinabè authorities to adopt a new approach for a way out of the crisis, a more global approach. We believe that terrorism exploits certain flaws in the system in place,” said defense security expert, justice of the peace and diplomat accredited to the United Nations Achille Dode.

The expert in security defense justice of the peace diplomat accredited to the United Nations, Achille Dode, animated a press conference in Ouagadougou at the National Press Center Norbert Zongo.

“For about ten years now, the brotherly people of Burkina Faso have been undergoing and living through a security crisis. Born of the arrival on our territory of armed terrorist groups, day after day, this country is losing its children. Countless innocent people are losing their lives,” added Mr. Dode.

For him, “this impotence is justified by the fact that terrorism remains an unconventional phenomenon, therefore difficult to apprehend because of the multiple facets. It will therefore be difficult, even with a designer magnifying glass, to be certain of a person belonging to an armed group”.

According to him, suspicion has reached a very high level with a deleterious social atmosphere and hate speech, extremists are not likely to improve the situation.

Crisis exit solutions

The security expert suggests that the military option is not the only weapon that Burkina Faso deploys to counter terrorism.

He proposes that the State work to reduce the vulnerability of populations by giving them the means to undertake income-generating activities. "We must have a policy of empowerment of women and young people," he said.

“So it would be wise for the country to go to the battlefield with offers that prevent young people from being seduced by these people,” he concluded.

Achille Dode is Ivorian but he claims to be first and foremost African. He is a Diplomat Justice of the Peace accredited to the United Nations. He is also a consultant, an expert in defense security.

He says he came to support the Burkinabè government by providing solutions. He intends to exchange in the days to come with the government, civil society, religious to help the country in its approach to fight against terrorism

Source: Burkina Information Agency

SNC Bobo 2023: The Prime Minister lays the first stone of the city of artists

Prime Minister Apollinaire Joachim Kyelem de Tambela presided this Saturday morning, in Bobo-Dioulasso, the ceremony of the laying of the first stone of the city of artists which must cost more than 12 billion 539 million 98 thousand 900 FCFA.

According to the Minister of Communication, Culture, Arts and Tourism Jean Emmanuel Ouédraogo, the "project combines modernity and enhancement of artistic cultural heritage in the logic of public-private partnership".

It aims, he noted, "to materialize the national political will affirmed by the President of the Transition to confer on the city of Bobo-Dioulasso its real status of cultural and economic capital of Burkina Faso".

According to Minister Ouédraogo, the project will result in "the construction of multifunctional infrastructure and modern equipment capable of boosting the economy in the sectors of culture, arts, sport, leisure and tourism".

The project was initially designed to allow artists to find decent accommodation during major events such as the SNC and to have a space for creativity, the minister stressed.

"The idea has evolved into the realization of an ambitious and futuristic project at a cost of more than 12 billion 539 million 98 thousand 900 FCFA", he explained.

Jean Emmanuel Ouédraogo praised "the exceptional contribution of the national partners in the realization of this project".

He said that "this important project requires everyone's commitment for its proper execution".

This is why he urged "all the stakeholders to work tirelessly and in a good synergy of action so that the next steps following this launch can be accomplished in the very near future".

“This launching ceremony must be followed by an effective start of the work to the delight of all,” he recommended.

Announced for many years and eagerly awaited by all cultural players, the laying of the first stone that we are carrying out today is symbolic on two counts.

Minister Ouédraogo recalled that the "project for the creation of the city of artists is part of the concretization of the recommendations of the national seminar of Matroukou held from April 22 to 28, 1985 under the theme 'national culture, ways and means of its promotion ''”.

Source: Burkina Information Agency