Mangrove honey to be harvested at Seychelles’ Port Launay wetlands

Seychelles will soon have its first harvest of mangrove honey, which is being produced by bees in the mangrove forest surrounding the Constance Ephelia Resort in Port Launay on the west of the main island of Mahe.

Mangrove honey is a unique and delicious type of honey produced in tropical climates. It is made from the nectar of mangrove trees found near the coastlines of South America, Africa, Asia, Australia and now in Seychelles.

In Seychelles, this is a new concept and was brought to the island nation by the sustainability coordinator at Constance Ephelia Resort, Hilary Albert, as part of her project in a training programme held by the hotel.

"It was through a development programme that, after some research, I learned about mangrove honey, and since at this hotel we have a large wetland area, which contains all seven types of mangrove, I felt it would be a good idea to try it out here," Albert told SNA.

As part of her job, Albert regularly takes visitors on tour around the hotel, including in the mangrove area.

At the moment, only two bee colonies have been placed in the mangrove area. (Constance Ephelia Resort) Photo License: All Rights Reserved

"I noticed that after one year on, I was still only showing clients the mangrove and with mangrove honey, I will now have something more to talk to them about," she added.

This sort of honey is produced by mangrove trees that thrive in saltwater conditions, and the flavour of their honey is well-known. The coastal environment gives mangrove honey a slightly salty flavour. It is also a strong-flavoured, viscous, light-brown honey that has been compared to butterscotch or licorice.

"Aside from producing honey, the bees are also very effective pollinators and so they will also help this wetland to become more dense as well," said Albert.

Some of the best mangrove honey in the world is produced in Mexico and Florida, which have coastal areas with extensive mangrove forests.

Beekeepers must set up their hives close to mangrove trees in order to generate honey. The bees will go to the mangroves and gather nectar from the flowers, bringing it back to the hive where it will be converted to honey.

Albert explained that she had never done any sort of beekeeping before taking on this project.

She had to learn through other experienced local beekeepers and sat for an online course to become a certified beekeeper as well.

Albert explained that she had never done any sort of beekeeping before taking on this project. (Constance Ephelia Resort) Photo License: All Rights Reserved

At the moment, only two bee colonies have been placed in the mangrove area, but Albert says that more will be added in the future as she continues to monitor the progress of the current ones.

The Port Launay wetlands cover an area of 120.6 hectares on the western coast of Mahe, and have the highest-diversity mangrove areas in Seychelles, an archipelago in the western Indian Ocean.

It is also the biggest mangrove site in the Indian Ocean and the first site in Seychelles to be designated as a Wetland of International Importance under the Ramsar Convention.

"The hotel management has been very helpful towards my project, where they have financed my equipment and supported me throughout this journey," added Albert, who only joined Constance Ephelia in 2021.

Clients staying at Constance Ephelia will be able to taste the mangrove honey in a few weeks' time, with Albert saying that they will be giving the honey to clients as part of the souvenir of their stay at the hotel.

Source: Seychelles News Agency

Burkina: Armed terrorist groups are increasingly recruiting children

Armed terrorist groups, struggling against the Combatant Forces, are starting to recruit more and more children to continue their despicable acts, the AIB learned on Sunday from security sources.

The offensives of the Burkinabè army have caused armed terrorist groups to lose hundreds of their fighters.

But faithful to their desire to continue to sow disarray among the peaceful populations, the terrorists are increasingly resorting to children, because young and adult candidates are becoming increasingly rare.

Our sources report two young 15-year-old fighters recently arrested in the theaters of operations.

The same interlocutors assure that there are even 14-year-old fighters.

The FDS and the VDP invite the lost (children, young people and adults) to lay down their arms so as not to pay with their lives.

To do this, repentants can contact the National Appeals Center (NAC).

Source: Burkina Information Agency

Eastern Region: Gold miners have a final deadline of 72 hours to free up the sites

The governor of the Eastern region has given a final deadline of 72 hours to miners who challenge his authority to free the sites, under pain of being held responsible for any inconvenience that may occur.

Burkina Information Agency

Read the press release in full

The Governor of the Eastern Region communicates:

"I was given to note that despite the measure of closure of all artisanal gold panning sites and the suspension of all activities related to the exploitation of gold on the said sites throughout the extent of the regional territory, subject of press release No. 2023-002/MATDS/REST/GVRT-FGRM/CAB of January 24, 2023, plans to exploit gold on the sites are still in progress in the Region.

Violation of this measure is a defiance of authority and cannot be tolerated.

Also, the Governor brings to the attention of the population that the suspension measure of all activities related to the exploitation of gold on the said sites, is still in force.

Consequently, it invites gold miners and occupants to vacate the sites within seventy-two (72) hours from Sunday April 23, 2023.

Any offender would be held responsible for any inconvenience and without prejudice to the legal proceedings provided for by the texts in force.

The Governor knows how to count on the spirit of good citizenship, the sense of responsibility of all, for the strict respect of this measure. »

Source: Burkina Information Agency

CAMEG fire: Minister Kargougou reassures that there will be no supply disruptions

The Minister of Health Jean Claude Kargougou reassured on Sunday that the fire which was contained during the night at CAMEG will have no impact on the continuation of the supply pharmacies and drug stores.

The Minister assessed the losses at nearly 200 million FCFA and said he was waiting for the report from the competent services to know the cause of the disaster.

The fire literally consumed a store of 150 M3 where alcohol, bottles of oxygen and oxygen peroxide were stored, said Jean Claude Kargougou.

The commander of the fire brigade, Lieutenant-Colonel Daba Naon said that the priority of priorities was to avoid loss of life with regard to these bottles which could explode at any moment.

Minister Kargougou praised the sacrifice of the brave firefighters and CAMEG staff.

Source: Burkina Information Agency

Burkina: Terrorists neutralized in their comfort zones

The Combatant Forces neutralized terrorists in the middle of a meeting in Pougzenbaogo (North) and others in administrative buildings in the Sahel, not to mention a destroyed base on the border with Ghana.

The Fighting Forces of Burkina are increasing their efforts to thwart the disastrous projects of armed terrorist groups.

This is how terrorists in full preparation for an attack were struck down in a building in Pougzenbaogo by aerial vectors.

The assailants who were guarding also perished.

In the Sahel region, terrorists of the Islamic State in the greater Sahara who were resting under trees next to their headquarters erected in administrative buildings,

passed from life to death.

The aerial vectors finished off the survivors in their flight.

In the Center-East area, the FDS and the VDP, supported by air assets, attacked a terrorist base near the border with Ghana, killing several assailants.

In western Burkina, the enemy bases fall one after the other, followed by the recovery of equipment.

The FDS and the VDP invite the lost to lay down their arms so as not to pay with their lives.

To do this, repentants can contact the National Call Center (CNA) by calling 199 and by WhatsApp at the numbers +226 71 20 33 33 and +226 68 24 44 44.

Source: Burkina Information Agency

Angola defends mobilisation of financing for developing countries

Angolan diplomat considered the mobilisation of financing for developing countries a big challenge for the implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

The statement came from the charge d'affaires of the Permanent Mission of Angola to the United Nations in New York João Gimolieca, at the UN headquarters.

The diplomat, who was speaking at the Forum on Financing for Development, said that this challenge also has an impact on the implementation of Agenda 2063: The Africa we want.

“Now, we live in multiple and interconnected global crises and we must embrace change by taking immediate action to increase development cooperation and investments in the SDGs, reform the international financial architecture, strengthen cooperation on macroeconomic policies and implement actions to accelerate sustainable development in support of developing countries”, he pointed out.

According to João Gimolieca, Angola welcomes the efforts made by the UN Secretary General to fill the SDG funding gap and looks forward to further discussions on the proposal to stimulate the SDGs.

The aim, he said, is to address the high cost of debt and the rising risks of rising sovereign debt, to massively increase long-term financing for development and to expand contingency finance to countries in need.

For the diplomat, new and additional climate finance for developing countries is extremely important to help and support the implementation of policies for mitigation and adaptation to climate change and to improve access to this climate finance.

During his speech, he highlighted the urgent need for developed countries to provide the means of implementation necessary for developing countries to face climate change, including concessional financing, at least double the adaptation financing, as well as to finalise the operation of the damages and facilitate the full transfer of technology and technical assistance necessary for just transitions.

He highlighted that, despite the vigorous reforms implemented over the last five years by the Government, which created the necessary conditions for the sustainable development of the country, Angola has experienced successive periods of economic recession, to which are added the negative effects of the current health and geopolitical tensions, which resulted in the deterioration of indicators socioeconomic.

In view of this situation, he added, the Government of Angola was forced to review its development strategies, having defined three priority areas for the next 2023-2027 Development Plan, the first being the development of human capital, with the aim of increasing productivity.

Second, expansion and modernisation of infrastructure, to improve mobility, and third, diversification of the economy, with a focus on food security.

The Ambassador emphasized that funding in these three areas is crucial to achieving and fulfilling the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

In the opening session on Monday (17), the UN Secretary-General, António Guterres, called on the group of the largest global economies, the G20, for a stimulus of at least 500 billion dollars a year so that the economies in development achieve global goals.

The four-day high-level meeting addressed threats to sustainable progress.

Source: Angola Press News Agency