Tenkodogo: More than 200 kilograms of drugs cremated

Judicial authorities on Saturday incinerated more than 200 kg of drugs and other psychotropic products seized and confiscated by court orders between 2016 and 2023.

More than 200 kilograms of cannabis and other psychotropic products, 232 boxes of smuggled cigarettes and 56 boxes of prohibited pharmaceutical products were incinerated this Saturday, March 25, 2023 at the eastern exit of the city of Tenkodogo, noted on the spot a journalist from the AIB.

These contraband products were seized and confiscated by court decisions between 2016 and 2023, said the prosecutor of Faso at the High Court of Tenkodogo, Charles Coulidiati.

He added that the value of the confiscated and incinerated products is estimated at 205 million CFA.

He said that smuggling and drug trafficking is a source of financing terrorism and other criminal activities.

"The State loses 7 billion CFA francs per year due to cigarette fraud", declared the prosecutor.

The destruction of these substances harmful to youth and these smuggled products, according to the prosecutor of Faso, testifies to the commitment of the actors of the penal chain to carry out an effective fight against drug trafficking and fraud in the local and national scale.

Charles Coulidiati pointed out that in recent years, drug trafficking and smuggling of all kinds (cigarettes, fuel, etc.), from neighboring countries, have intensified in the Center-East region due to the security crisis.

Source: Burkina Information Agency

CAN 2023: Burkina Faso, solid leader of group B

Les Etalons du Burkina Faso have comfortably settled at the top of group B of the CAN Côte d'Ivoire 2023 qualifiers after their narrow victory (1-0) against Les Eperviers du Togo on Friday at the Grand Marrakech stadium (Morocco) during the 3rd day .

In three games in pool B, the Stallions have achieved as many victories, i.e. 9 points and a goal average of more than 5. In the event of a victory or a draw, Burkina Faso will validate its ticket for CAN 2023 in Côte of ivory.

Burkina Faso beat Cape Verde 2-0 on the first day and also won against Eswatini (1-3) on the second day . During the 3rd day the Stallions achieved the bare minimum.

The Stallions will meet Tuesday in the return match in Lomé, the Sparrowhawks of Togo counting for the 4th day of the CAN 2023 qualifiers.

Burkina Faso leads Group B with 9 points (+5), followed by Cape Verde (4 points, +0). Eswatini totals 2 points while Togo is bottom with only 1 point and a goal average of minus 3.

Source: Burkina Information Agency

Burkina-Cadre-Concertation-Provinciale Sissili/Provincial consultation framework: The Ponasi 2 projects at the heart of the exchanges.

The statutory members of the provincial consultation framework (Ccp) of Sissili met on Tuesday, March 21, 2023 in ordinary session. First of its kind of the year, this meeting under the chairmanship of the High Commissioner of the province of Sissili, Tewendé Isaac Sia, made it possible to discuss in particular the Ponasi 2 projects (Pnkt, Nazinga, Sissili).

The construction of the development plan cannot be done without the participation of all the actors. And good economic and political governance cannot be effective without the active participation of civil society, especially in the area of natural resource management.

It is in this dynamic that this space for dialogue was initiated on Tuesday, March 21, 2023 in the meeting room of the Leo High Commission. The organization “Anges guardians of nature” (AGN) seized the opportunity to present its activities, in particular the Ponasi 2 projects to the actors of decentralized rural development in the province of Sissili.

According to the head of mission, Aimé Ouédraogo, the "Guardian Angels of Nature" is a Burkinabè non-profit organization, created in 2002 to bring together eco-guards and implement development, conservation and protection programs. of biodiversity.

It benefits from several conventions and collaboration in the fight against poaching and the fight against wildlife crime with the MEEA on several protected areas including the Ponasi (Pnkt, Nazinga, Sissili).

The Ponasi landscape in Burkina Faso has benefited from funding from a package of projects including the Ponasi 2 community and the Ponasi 2 security project led by AGN.

The community ponasi 2 or “support project for the sustainable and participatory management of protected areas for a more effective fight against the trafficking of natural resources in Burkina and Ghana” has three components (Ponasi, Wap and Crema).

Lasting 35 months, this project is financed by the European Union for a total amount of €3,000,000 out of €3,150,000, or 95%. It revolves around three main results, namely: the strengthening of cohesion and social organization, the development of income-generating activities (IGA) for the benefit of communities and the establishment of social safety nets. Its objective is to increase the resilience and social cohesion of communities bordering protected areas in order to provide better stability, conducive to the development and conservation of natural areas.

Ponasi 2 or ''strengthening of the bases for securing, sustainable and concerted management of the Ponasi complex'' has a duration of 24 months and is also financed by the European Union for a total amount of €1,200,000 out of 1,265 .000€. It aims, among other things, to consolidate the achievements of Ponasi 1, reverse the trend of environmental degradation, ensure the sustainable protection and shared and integrated management of the natural and environmental resources of the Ponasi complex.

For the high commissioner of the sissili, Tewendé Isaac Sia, these projects carried out by ''the Guardian Angels of Nature'' (AGN) will contribute to the strengthening of social cohesion and the improvement of the living conditions of the populations through the development of IGAs as well as the construction of socio-economic and sports infrastructures.

Source: Burkina Information Agency

Football: Seychelles take on Bangladesh in two friendly matches

The Seychelles national football team will meet Bangladesh in two friendly games on Saturday, March 25, and Tuesday, March 28, in search of a win after nine winless games.

The Seychelles' side has not tasted victory since winning the Mahinda Rajapaksa Cup in November 2021, where they defeated Sri Lanka on penalties.

Led by coached by Vivian Both, the Seychelles Pirates have lost six of their nine matches and played out three goalless draws.

The last time these two sides met, the game ended in a 1-1 draw, after Brandon Labrosse scored for Seychelles in the 88th minute to cancel out Mohammad Ibrahim's 17th-minute opener.

Seychelles will be hoping to do better in Bangladesh in these two games, with a 23-man team made of several new faces, as the team also prepares for the upcoming Indian Ocean Island Games (IOIG).

"We also have some new players, so it will give the team's management the chance to see how they gel," said Both.

He added that it was advantageous to hold these test matches early in the year because it would give the administration time to make adjustments as needed.

Among the 23 players, two of them are based in England, most notable is Burton Albion defensive midfielder Michael Mancienne and defender Daryl Louis, who plays for English 9th-tier side Abingdon United.

The matches, according to coach Both, will give him the chance to see his players competing as a team for the first time since their last competitive match against San Marino last year, which finished in a scoreless draw.

The two matches will contribute towards the two team's FIFA rankings, where currently Seychelles lie in 199th place, while Bangladesh is 192nd, having lost 7 of their nine previous matches.

Bangladesh is coached by Spaniard Javier Cabrera, who previously worked with Barcelona and Deportivo Alavés.

Source: Seychelles News Agency

Seychelles’ Blue Investment Fund issues first large-scale loan to Ocean Basket

One of Seychelles' by-catch processing companies, Ocean Basket, is now able to increase its domestic fish processing capacity with an over $2.8 million (SCR40.7 million) loan under the Blue Investment Fund scheme, supported by the government of Seychelles and the World Bank.

The loan is the first-of-its-kind, large-scale one to be issued by the Development Bank of Seychelles (DBS) to a Seychellois business to expand the plant and purchase equipment for cleaning, sanitising, and vacuum-packing fish products, as well as preparing them for export to markets in Europe, North America, and West Africa.

Ocean Basket's co-owner Louis Bossy said in a press release from the bank that "I am very happy that I could secure funds to expand my business in my home country because at the end of the day, Ocean Basket is a Seychellois business, and I want it to benefit my country."

Expanding the business will not only allow the company to switch to higher-value fish products but also allow it to take on fish processing and exporting for local fishers.

"We can be the chain link that connects Seychellois fishers to foreign markets. We can take their catch, prepare it, and then use our distribution system to sell it," said Bossy.

The Blue Investment Fund was launched in 2019 to support the expansion of sustainable fisheries in Seychelles. It is open to all Seychellois citizens as well as locally registered civil society organisations and businesses that are at least 51 percent Seychellois-owned.

Businesses and entrepreneurs who provide services to sustainable fisheries, including fish processing, laboratories and testing, logistics, marketing, and aquaculture are eligible for the loans.

The fund is capitalised from the proceeds of the world's first sovereign Blue Bond that Seychelles, an archipelago in the western Indian Ocean launched in October 2018. This innovative financing instrument raised $15 million with the specific goal of supporting the transition to sustainable fisheries in Seychelles.

DBS' head of credit, Rana Fernandes, said that the Blue Investment Fund is a unique product.

"It offers loans from just $10,000 to $3 million to meet the needs of businesses of any size. It is also affordable – at a 4 percent interest rate, it is the best offer for large loans in Seychelles," said Fernandes.

The World Bank country director for Seychelles, Mauritius, Madagascar, Comoros, and Mozambique, Idah Z. Pswarayi-Riddihough, said, "It is fantastic to see that the proceeds of such a relatively new financial instrument like the Blue Bond are making their way to the community. We are looking forward to more local businesses benefitting from these affordable loans and hope that they will create a ripple effect and boost other economic sectors, too."

Source: Seychelles News Agency